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Essay Writing
Weekly handouts

Essay Writing

The Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies hosts a programme whereby students from any department in the university can have a piece of their writing (such as an essay or a chapter of a dissertation) read and commented upon by one of their Royal Literary Fund Fellows. The Fellows can read your piece and in a one-on-one session will comment on your structure, style and presentation of your argument and can also let you know if you need to attend to spelling and grammar issues (though they cannot correct these for you, cannot address the facts/content presented in the essay, and cannot re-write it for you!). This is an invaluable opportunity for you to get feedback on your written work from professional writers - but don't leave it till the last minute or they probably won't be able to help. The pressure on their time is considerable around assessment deadlines. If you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity then take your essay to room H544 in the Humanities Building and sign-up for a session with one of the Fellows, or email The English Department webpage containing information on the Royal Literary Fund Fellows Programme is located at so please check this for details of any room or email address changes.

Weekly Lecture Handouts


Each week just before the lecture I will post the week's lecture slides and any additional materials on this webpage. I will not be bringing printed copies to class. You are welcome to download anything you find helpful.

To download handouts, right mouse-click on the link and choose 'Save Target As' to save to your computer or disk.

To print a PowerPoint presentation as a manageable handout, open the saved file and select 'File' then 'Print'. In the print options box, select 'Handouts' from the drop-down box under 'Print what'. You should also select 'Pure Black and White' from the drop-down box under 'Colour/grayscale', so that any colour highlights used in the presentation display (such as on page headers) are not printed out in gray shades (as this can make the text written over the colour highlights hard to read). Finally, choose the number of slides you want to appear on each page from the drop-down box next to 'Slides per page'. I suggest two slides per page - any more than that and the boxes are very small and the text hard to read.

If you have any problems downloading, email me:



Week 1: Introduction to the Module and Key Concepts powerpoint file (sorry no lecture audio)

Week 2: Sri Lanka powerpoint file Sri Lanka Timeline word file Sri Lanka Lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg (apologies for the sound quality - turn up volume!)

Week 3: Northern Ireland powerpoint file Northern Ireland Timeline word file Northern Ireland lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg (cut off the last minute or so)

Week 4: The Former Yugoslavia powerpoint file Yugoslavia Timeline word file Former Yugoslavia lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Bosnia's political structure post-Dayton word file Maps of the Balkan region powerpoint file (print as whole slides so they are bigger and clearer, and in Grayscale)

Week 5: Rwanda powerpoint file Rwanda Timeline word file Rwanda lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg


Week 7: Ethnicity, Nations and Nationalisms powerpoint file Ethnicity, Nations and Nationalisms lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 8) powerpoint symbol

Week 8: Gender and Nationalism powerpoint file Gender and Nationalism lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 9) powerpoint symbol 

Week 9: Explaining Ethnic Conflict powerpoint file Explaining Ethnic Conflict lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 10) powerpoint symbol




Week 11: Non-Traditional Agents of Political Violence powerpoint file Child Soldiers (extra material not presented in lecture) powerpoint file Non-Traditional Agents lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 12) powerpoint symbol

Week 12: Sexual Violence in Ethnic Conflict powerpoint file Sexual Violence lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 13) powerpoint symbol

Week 13: Non-Violent Strategies for Change powerpoint file Non-Violence lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 14) powerpoint symbol

Week 14: Internal Frameworks for Managing Conflict powerpoint file Internal Frameworks lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 15) powerpoint file 

Week 15: Institutional Design as Conflict Management powerpoint file Institutional Design lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 17) powerpoint file Bosnia and Herzegovina's political structure; electoral systems in our case studies word file
Freedom House reports etc. word file (links to recent reports and other material on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda and Sri Lanka)


Week 17: Separation as a Solution? Partition and Secession; Federalism and Autonomy powerpoint symbol Separation lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 18) powerpoint symbol ethnic maps MS Word symbol

Week 18: Peace Processes and International Intervention powerpoint file Peace Processes lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar handout for Arusha negotiations (week 19) powerpoint symbol

Week 19: Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Peacebuilding powerpoint file Post-Conflict Reconstruction lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg
Seminar slides (week 20) powerpoint symbol

Week 20: Managing Conflict in the Case Studies powerpoint file Managing Conflict in the Case Studies lecture audio lecture_audio_symbol.jpg (apologies, the first minute or so is missing)
Seminar activity (week 21) ms_word_symbol.gif




Week 21: Healing Deeply Divided Societies: Reconciliation and Moving Forward Powerpoint symbol Reconciliation lecture audio lecture audio symbol
Seminar activity (week 22) ms_word_symbol.gif

Exam Revision Sessions