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New publications from Professor Peter Burnell

Peter BurnellMarch sees publication of the fifth revised and updated edition of the popular Oxford University Press textbook Politics in the Developing World. The textbook is edited by Professor Peter Burnell, Lise Rakner and Vicky Randall, together with publication of Peter’s chapter ‘From supporting democracy to supporting autocracy’ in the fourth revised and updated edition of Daniele Caramani’s highly successful Oxford University Press book Comparative Politics (at chapter 25, pages 437-52).

Peter’s new research paper in the CSGR Working Paper series, International Party Assistance by ‘Bad Guys’ has also been published.

The Working Paper develops an agenda for researching international support for political parties and politicians in other countries by so called leading autocracies, and for comparing the findings with the political party support that is provided within the context of international democracy promotion. Although framed largely within the context of autocracy support to countries that are not consolidated liberal democracies, the Paper has relevance to the currently much publicised issue of Russian interest in political parties in some European countries and the United States too.

The paper can be read here:

Thu 13 Apr 2017, 12:01 | Tags: Staff, CSGR