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Publications and Conference Papers

  • Aiolfi, T. (2019). “Migration and Populism: Marine Le Pen as a Performer of Urgency” in Rosina, M. & S. Talani (Eds). Tidal Waves: The political economy of migration and populism in Europe. Peter Lang: Oxford.
  • Aiolfi, T. [Reviewer] (2019). “Book review of ‘Performing Antagonism Theatre, Performance & Radical Democracy’ by T. Fisher & E. Katsouraki [Eds]”. European Journal of Theatre and Performance. 1(1)
  • Aiolfi, T. (2015). “Is poststructuralism just another version of constructivism? Reconsidering the way constructivism is taught in IR Theory” in International Public Policy Review (IPPR). 9(2)
Conference papers and presentations
  • 17/01/20: “Discrediting Radicality: Villains and Anti-Populism” – Popular Culture and World Politics V12 – University of Leeds
  • 16/04/19: “Between ordinariness and extraordinariness: Jean-Luc Mélenchon and charismatic leadership in left-wing populism” – Cultures of the Left in the Age of Right-Wing Populism – University of Warwick in Venice
  • 12/04/19: “Leaderless Populism and the Yellow Vests” – 3rd Populism Specialist Group (PSA) Workshop – Loughborough University
  • 28/11/18: “Charting the populist repertoire and analysing political performances: an introduction to the stylistic approach to populism” – School of Theatre & Performance Studies Research Seminar Series – University of Warwick
  • 18/10/18: “Post-truth and the quest for authenticity: Populists as transgressive actors” – Warwick Graduate Conference in Security Studies – University of Warwick
  • 13/09/18: “Through the Black Mirror: ‘The Waldo Moment’ as a caricature of Populism” – EISA 12th Pan-European Conference – University of Economics (VŠE) of Prague
  • 05/09/18: “The foreign policy of a Populist Leader: Boundary-producing Performances under the Trump Presidency” – BISA US Foreign Policy 13th Conference – Liverpool John Moores University
  • 21/06/18: “Populism as an addition to the Grammar of Politics and Performance” – Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference – University of Warwick
  • 19/06/18: “Migration and Populism: Le Pen as Performer of Urgency” – JMCE and MigPop Workshop – King’s College
  • 26/03/18: “Populists as Performers of Crisis: Le Pen’s Case During the 2017 Presidential Campaign” – PSA 68th Annual International Conference – Cardiff University
  • 24/03/18: “Fleshing out the stylistic approach to populism: The overlooked legacy of Performance Studies” – 2nd Populism Specialist Group (PSA) Workshop – University of Bath