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Papers and Presentations

27 March 2019, ‘The British Way in Surrogate Warfare: Pensioners, Proxies and Privateers in Covert Action’, International Studies Association Convention, Toronto.


29 March 2019, ‘Two Types of Reporters? Ben Bradlee, the Post and the CIA’, International Studies Association Convention, Toronto.


2 November 2018, ‘Policing the Past: The CIA and the Landscape of Secrecy’ Institute for Advanced Study, University of Princeton.


6 April 2018, ‘ Our “American Friends": British Views of American Cold War Covert Action’, International Studies Association Convention, San Francisco.


2 March 2018, ‘Intelligence and Brexit’, Brexit Impact Policy Conference, University of Venice.


22 September 2017, ‘Education, Security and Intelligence, British Education Studies Association Conference, Oriel College, Oxford.


29 February 2017, ‘Cyber and Intelligence Operations’, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University.


25 February 2017, ‘The Secret Empire of Sigint: Geography and the Fate of Small Islands’, International Studies Association Convention, Baltimore.


29 October 2016, ‘British Prime Minister and the Problem of assassination’, NISA annual conference, The Hague.


26 October 2106, ‘Globalization and Intelligence’, IS Research Seminar, University of Leiden.


13 October 2016, ‘Ambient Accountability’, Workshop of the nature of Secrecy in Europe, LMU, Munich


29 September 2016, ‘The CIA and European Unity’, Bilderberg Historical Conference, LVU, Bruselles


25 Feb 2016, UK Prime Ministers and Secret Intelligence: From Circumspection to Centrality, ISA Convention, Atlanta.