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Ph.D. Research Supervision

Richard J. Aldrich has supervised Ph.D. students across a wide range of subjects. Primarily, these have been in the area of intelligence and security agencies, but they have also related to strategic studies, and especially low intensity conflict. In addition, he has supervised a number of theses on international history since 1939. Much of this work has examined empirical case studies and particular episodes rather than theoretical perspectives.

He is available to undertake Ph.D. supervision in all areas which intersect with his own research, but especially the following six themes:

(1) The representation of intelligence and security services in film, fiction and memoirs

(2) The current impact of globalization on intelligence and security services

(3) The contemporary history of intelligence and security services, particularly during the Cold War and in the context of decolonisation

(4) Liaison and alliance structures in international intelligence co-operation

(5) Regulation and accountability of agencies by regional and international bodies such as the EU and the UN

(6) The significance of cyber security and the current debates over secrecy, privacy and anonymity.

Theme (1) is of special importance given that the PAIS led the AHRC-funded 'Landscapes of Secrecy' focused on representations of the CIA between 1947 and 2000. Aldrich co-supervises a number of students with his colleague Chris Moran in areas such as intelligence, security and secrecy.

Some of the people who i have helped to supervise are listed below -


Ongoing (8)

Melina Dobson, ‘Secrecy and security in the UK since 1989’.

Giselle Gwinnett, 'IRD and British Secret Political Warfare'.

Sarah Mainwaring, 'UK encryption policy'.

Daniela Richterova, ‘Co-operation between the Czech Intelligence services and the Palestinian Groups in the 1970s and 1980s’.

Yan Siming, ‘The Politics of China-EU Relations’.

Colin Williams, 'CyberSecurity'.



Completed (30)

A. Achdian, 'Nahdlatul's Peasant Mass base in East Java', completed 2005.

*G. Aybet, 'The European Post Cold War Security Identity', completed 1999.

Currently Associate Professor, University of Kent.

*G. Baharcicek, 'Turkey's Security Problems after the Cold War', completed 1998.

Currently Associate Professor, Inonu University.

M. Bitar, 'British and American Policy Towards Cambodia, 1954-65', completed 2002.

Currently a partner at Ernst and Young.

*G. Brown, 'Political hegemony and counter-hegemonic tendencies in Contemporary Malaysia', ESRC funded, completed 2004.

Associate Professor, International Studies, University of Perth.

Chonlatee Chankrakul, 'Ideas, Identity and Interest in S.E. Asian Regionalism', completed 2006.

Currently with the Thai Foreign Service.

Mustapha Chufali, 'Anglo-Turkish Relations and Internal Reform', completed 1999.

Steve Connor, 'Britain's use of re-armed Japanese POWs in S.E. Asia 1945-6', completed 2011.

*Oliver Daddow, 'The Historiography of Britain and European Integration', completed 2001.

Currently a Reader in Politics at the University of Leicester.

Alex Dobra-Kiel, 'Emotions and behavioural ethics: The case of asset management and investment banking'. completed 2017.

Currently a consultant with Deloitte's.

*Anthony Field, 'The organisation of terrorist groups in the age of globalisation: hierarchies, networks and leaderless resistance movements', ESRC funded, completed 2010.

Currently Assistant Lecturer at University California at San Bernadino.

Jules Gaspard, ‘Anglo-American Co-operation on Counter-Intelligence’, completed 2016.

Currently Assistant Lecturer at Dublin City University.

*Michael Goodman, 'British Intelligence and Nuclear Weapons, 1945-62', completed 2004.

Currently Reader in War Studies at Kings College London.

Lewis Herrington, ‘UK Radicalization and Terrorism’

Currently a Fellow at the Insitute of Advanced Study.

Davinia Hoggarth, 'Oil, Geopolitics and Kazakhstan', completed 2015

*John Kasuku, 'Challenges to intelligence reform in post-colonial Africa', completed 2013.

Currently Lecturer at the University of Kinshasa.

*M. Maglio, 'Italian Propaganda and Subversion in the British Middle East', completed 1999.

Currently Assistant Lecturer in History at University of Strathclyde.

*M. Lagazio, 'Neural Network Analyses of War Causation', completed 2001.

Currently Head of European Research at Paypal, previously Assistant Lecturer, Wittswatersrand University.

Allen Newton, 'Covert Diplomacy with Violent Non-State Groups', completed 2013.

*Andrew Mumford, 'British Counter-Insurgency, 1945-2007', ESRC funded, completed 2009.

Currently Associate Lecturer, University of Nottingham.

Eva Nagafeyeo, ‘European Cyber Security and Organised Crime’, completed 2016.

Currently a Research Fellow at the Martin School, University of Oxford.

Nikita Shah, ‘Secret Towns: British Cold War Intelligence in Asia’, completed 2016.

Tabish Shah, ‘Why do individuals mobilize for political change? Beyond absolute measures of reasoning in collective action - a case study of Islamically-framed groups’, ESRC funded, completed 2016.

Zakia Shiraz, 'American Intervention in Colombia: From Counter-subversion to Counter-terrorism'.

Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Leicester.

*Asaf Siniver, 'Regional Crisis as a Catalyst for International Mediation: A Study of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, 1969-75', completed 2005.

Currently Associate Lecturer, University of Birmingham.

Kuang-Fu Tong, 'Development of Military Trust across the Taiwan Straits', completed 2006.

*Adam Svendsen, 'Anglo-American Intelligence Liaison', AHRC funded, completed 2008.

Currently employed at the Danish Staff College.

*Thomas Waldman, 'Clausewitz and Counter-Insurgency', completed, 2009.

Currently an ESRC/DFID Research Fellow at the University of York.

*Mark Wilkinson, 'Intelligence and Arms Control', MoD funded, completed 2009.

Currently Assistant Lecturer, Macquarie University, Sydney.

*Simon Willmetts, 'The CIA in Fiction, Film and "Faction", 1945-2001', AHRC funded, completed 2012.

Currently Lecturer in American Studies, University of Hull.