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All section 1 charges dropped in ABC Trial


Above is a cartoon produced by the ABC Defence Committee, which was set up to support the accused, offering a comical view of the end of the ABC trial proceedings. At bottom left are Aubrey, Berry and Campbell, the three accused. On the right in uniform is Colonel Hugh Johnstone of 9 Signals,  who was presented to the court as the mysterious "Colonel B". At the top of the page on the right is a somewhat revised version of the cartoon bird that British Telecom used in its advertising called "Buzby", whom the campaigners chose to represent as the ever-present listener. Sir Leonard Hooper, mentioned at the top of the page on the left, was then the Cabinet Office Intelligence Co-ordinator, having previously been Director of GCHQ. This cartoon is one of many items from the ABC defence campaign that were collected by the authorities, now available in the National Archives at DEFE 13/1303. The prolific amount of material in these recently declassified files suggest that the authorities were watching the defence campaign rather closely.