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An RAF Chinook carrying security personnel from Aldegrove crashes on the Mull of Kintyre


On 2 June 1994 at about 1800 hours an RAF Chinook helicopter (ZD576) crashed on the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland. Flying in foggy conditions it hit the ground 810 feet above sea level. On board were four RAF crew and twenty five passengers. All are thought to have died instantly. The passengers were the core of the UK's Northern Ireland intelligence experts. They included nine Army officers, ten members of the RUC Special Branch and six members of the Intelligence and Security Services. The most senior person to die was John Robert Deverell, aged 57, who was Deputy Director-General of MI5 and who was heading up the intelligence effort in the province. The casualties also included Anne Catherine James who was 42 and who had worked for GCHQ for twenty-four years, most recently in Northern Ireland. The cause of the crash remains controversial. A memorial cairn now marks the site of the crash on the Mull of Kintryre and has a plaque with the names of the deceased.