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CSEC announces a new $880 million headquarters


Above: The Sir Leonard Tiller building, the current CSEC HQ

The Communications Security Establishment Canada was created in 1946 under the title "Communications Branch of the National Research Council" (CBNRC) and is now superintended by the Canadian Department of Defense. It has worked closely with GCHQ, NSA and other UKUSA allies and now boasts some 1,700 personnel. In December 2010, it announced that it would move from its current outdated headquarters to a new complex alongside the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The two buildings will be connected by a glass bridge. Their co-location underlines the growing integration of sigint and humint and also the dissolving boundary between domestic and foreign intelligence. Like GCHQ, CSEC is likely to opt for a PFI solution for its new building, effectively renting its accommodation.

Colin Freeze, 'CSEC: Canada‚Äôs little-known spy agency comes out into the open', Globe and Mail, 22 December 2010. (Word Document)

Plan of the new CSEC complex and it proximity to CSIS

Artist's Impression of the new building