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National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre


The National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre (NISCC) was set up in 1999 as an inter-departmental centre of expertise.  It absorbed UNIRAS, the Unified Incident Reporting and Alert Scheme, set up in 1992, to gather information on IT security incidents across government departments and agencies. NISCC (pronounced "nicey") was designed to help protect the UK's Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) from electronic attack. This included electronic attacks by states, criminals and "hackers". On 1st of February 2007, NISCC was re-organised and merged with elements of MI5 and with the National Security Advice Centre (NSAC) to form the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

Peter Burnett, Head of Information Sharing, 'National Infrastruture Co-ordination Centre'. (Powerpoint Presentation)

Mick Morgan, Head of Response, 'Protcting the CNI: BCS Elite', 9 June 2005. (Powerpoint Presentation)