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Captain Robert Stannard RN becomes Director of LCSA, taking over from Penney


Major General William Penney is seated on the front row third from the left and headed the London Communications Security Agency from its inception in 1953. Penney had been intelligence chief to Mountbatten in South East Asia Command at the end of the Second World War and so had a good understanding of both comsec and the operational use of sigint. Penney retired through ill-health in 1957, the long-term consequences of battle wounds he had received at Anzio, and was succeded by his deputy, Captain Robert 'Fred' Stannard RN. Stannard is seated on the front row on the far right of the picture. Stannard headed the agency until it was absorbed by GCHQ in the late 1960s. It was then retitled the Communcations Electronics Security Department, the forerunner of today's Communcations Electronics Security Group.