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Research Interests

Research Interests

EU Policy-Making; sub-national government; multi-level governance; new institutionalism; trans-European transport networks; theories of European integration; history of European integration.

Anil would be delighted to hear from anyone who has similar research interests -

His work explores the changing nature and role of the state in the contemporary EU. It focuses on the vertical dispersal of authority away from the central state to the supranational and sub-national levels and in turn the emergence of multi-level governance (MLG) as a significant framework of policy-making in the EU. In doing so, he analyses the role of sub-national authorities (SNAs) in EU policy-making, in particular the policies, mechanisms and behaviour that SNAs employ in their quest to place their interests on the EU policy table and thus influence policy outcomes.


Selected Papers and Publications

2014. 'European City' London? The Greater London Authority's EU Engagement'. Paper presented at UACES 44th Annual Conference, Cork, Ireland, 1-3 September.

2013. 'Thinking European': Self-identity and Regional Mobilisation in Vienna'. Paper presented at UACES 43rd Annual Conference, Leeds, 2-4 September.

2009. 'The Myth of Eurosclerosis: European Integration in the 1970s'. L'Europe en Formation: Journal of Studies on European Integration and Federalism, Fall-Winter, No. 353-354,

2009. 'EU Transport Infrastructure Policy, New Institutionalism and Types of Multi-Level Governance: the Case of Vienna'. Paper presented at EUSA Eleventh Biennial International Conference, Los Angeles, California, 23-25 April.

2009. 'The European Union, New Institutionalism and Types of Multi-Level Governance.' In S. Stavridis, ed. Understanding and Evaluating the European Union: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches. Nicosia: Nicosia University Press.

2007. 'The European Union, New Institutionalism and Types of Multi-Level Governance'. Political Perspectives, Vol. 1, Issue 2,

2007/08. 'The European Union, New Institutionalism and Types of Multi-Level Governance'. Paper presented at ECPR Spring School on the European Union - Understanding, Interpreting and Evaluating the European Union in 2007, Intercollege (Nicosia), 15-22 April, 2007, And updated version presented at Fourth TransAtlantic Dialogue - The Status of Inter-Governmental Relations and Multi-Level Governance in Europe and the US, Universita Bocconi (Milan), 12-14 June, 2008.

2006. Intergovernmentalist Theory and Eurosclerosis: A Critique. Working Paper Series, No. 02/06. Department of PAIS Graduate Working Paper Series, University of Warwick.

2003. 'An examination of the sub-national level of government in the EU'. Master Dissertation. Department of PAIS, University of Warwick.