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Copies of publications and more information can be found here

"Classifying states: instrumental rhetoric or a compelling normative theory?", Ethics & Global Politics, forthcoming 2017, with P. Maffettone

“Motivation Ethics” (book), Bloomsbury Academic, 2017.

“Interpersonal Comparisons of the Good: Epistemic not Impossible”, Utilitas, September 2016, pp. 288-313

“The Ethical and Economic Case for Sweatshop Regulation”, Journal of Business Ethics, Oct 2013, Vol 117, Issue 3, (with M. Kates).

– Reprinted in “Politics, Philosophy and Economics: The Key Readings”, Oxford University Press, Eds Anomaly, Brennan, Munger, Sayre-McCord, forthcoming 2015.

“On the Value of Political Legitimacy”, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Nov 2011, Vol 10, No. 4.

Review of “Political Judgement” by Richard Bourke & Raymond Geuss, Political Studies Review, 2011, Vol 9.