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Conference Presentations

Dr Charoula Tzanakou - Conference presentations

Recent presentations

Tzanakou C. (2017)'Early Career Experiences of Greek PhD Graduates in Natural Sciences and Engineering' in RISIS Summer School -“Career Trajectories, Outputs and Success of Doctorate Holders”, Berlin.

Tzanakou C. (2017)The effect of PhD degree (im) mobility on early career paths of Greek scientists and engineers, in CHER Conference, Jyvaskyla

Tzanakou C. (2017)'Gender Equality Programmes and 'changing' in a HE context' In International Conference on Structural Change for Gender Equality in Research and Innovation: Contextual Factors, Prague.

Tzanakou C. ‘Knowledge policies for whom?’ Presentation for UACES ERA-CRN workshop on 'Researching the Europe of Knowledge: Insights from policymakers from the UACES CRN' (3-4 March 2016, Directorate General Research and Innovation, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium)

Tzanakou C.(2014) ' 'The leaky pipeline of women in universities: an institutional case study', Presentation at the European Gender Summit (June 2014)

Tzanakou C. (2013)'The leaky pipeline of women in universities: an institutional case study', Poster presented at SAPGERIC Conference: Structural Change Promoting Gender Equality in Research Organisations. In Vilnius, Lithuania, (21-22 November 2013)

Tzanakou C. (2013)‘The personal benefits of the PhD’, SRHE Annual Conference, (December 2013)

Tzanakou C.(2013)‘Is the potential of PhD graduates being utilised effectively? The Greek case’ presented at WES Conference, September 2013.

Tzanakou C., Tschaut A., Lee Hansen N. and Lundemo S. (2013)‘Needs and Possibilities of Dual Career Opportunities for Doctoral Candidates and Early Stage Researchers’, presented at the European Higher Education Society Forum , Rotterdam

Mayhew K., Luchinskaya D., Tzanakou C. and Holmes C. (2013)Higher education, the knowledge economy and the crisis: are graduates key to getting us out of the recession?, presented at International Working Party on Labour Market Segmentation, 34th Annual Conference

Behle H., Tzanakou C., (2013) 'Brain drain’, recession-induced mobility, or simple mobile European citizens? Migration to a different European country after graduation in the UK', presented at WES Conference, (September 2013).