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Sahil Dutta

Sahil Dutta profile

Teaching Fellow in International Political Economy
Room: E1.10

Dr Sahil Jai Dutta is a Teaching Fellow in International Political Economy.

His PhD, 'Debt as power: Public finance and monetary governance in postwar Britain’, examined the question of state power in the age of debt, looking specifically at how the British state used public debt securities in the construction of a modern form of monetary governance.

His main focus of research is British political economy, and his broader research interests include examining the history and politics of neoliberal management techniques. Most recently, he has published an article that examines the rise of shareholder value in the United States.

He is also part of the organising team of the Warwick Critical Finance Group.


Dutta (2017) "Sovereign debt management and the globalization of finance: Recasting the City of London’s ‘Big Bang’", Competition & Change.

Knafo & Dutta (2016) “Patient capital in an age of financialized managerialism”, Socio-Economic Review.

Thompson & Dutta (2015) “Financialisation: A primer”, Transnational Institute.