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Publications and Public Engagement

Short Publications:

2016: "Cairo Tower and King Kong: Utopia, Nostalgia and Cairo’s Picture Archives", The Summer 2016 issue of the Postcolonial Studies Association Newsletter: #17 Postcolonial Cities, pp 14-16.

2015: Contributer to Cairobserver's print issue (5) on The University. ( In Arabic). Four co-authored articles:

1) "Bridging Urbanity: The Neighborhoods Workshop in Retrospect" with Sarah Asseel,

2) "The In-betweeness of Bein El-Sarayat" with Ahmed Borham and AbdulRahman El-Taliawi,

3) "The Ruin Next Door: Al-Ahram Brewery" with Ahmed Borham,

4) "Searching for Another Space: 5 Years for Diwan in Cairo University" with Abeer Rabei.

Guest posts on blogs:

23/4/2015: Architecture as counter hegemonic practice: Political Theory and Architecture in Conversation - Review, on Drawing Paralles.

8/5/2015: Signs for ‘Ramsis Mall’ and Cairo Station on Cairobserver.

Selected Public Presenatations and Events:

5/7/2014: "The City as Politics", Rollercoasting the city x13, curated by Ahmed Zaazaa, Mohamed Hassan, Kareem Nems, Megawra.

23/12/2013: "Egypt's revolution and memory of place" panel, "The right to the city and Public space” initiative, hosted by EIPR.