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Veit Schwab

I worked as a doctoral researcher (PhD) in Discourse Studies in the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and the Department for Politics and International Studies (PAIS) at the University of Warwick from 2013-2018. I successfully completed my studies in March 2018.

Prior to this, I worked as a Research Fellow and part-time teacher in the Geschwister-Scholl-Institute for Political Science (GSI) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat München (University of Munich) from October 2012 to October 2013.

I obtained an M.A. in Politics (major), Sociology and Social Psychology from the University of Munich in 2012, after studying in an integrated one-tier programme in Munich and Paris (Sciences Po).

I am an associated member of the DISCONEX research project at Warwick and EHESS Paris (France), as well as a member of Warwick Borders, Race, Ethnicity and Migration Network (BREM), Network for Critical Border and Migration Regime Research (kritnet), DiscourseNet, and the DiscourseNet group on Discourse, Ideology and the Political Economy (DIPE).


Discursive Borders in EUrope

My PhD thesis aims contributing a critical account of discursive practices of bordering in the EUropean migration regime. Special focus is put on the discursive differentiation between ‘labour migrants’ and ‘refugees’ in terms of a pivotal practice of categorisation.I look at EUrope’s discursive borders through three different examples that allow to emphasise the entangled nature of policy-, academic-, and activist discourse. By articulating recent advances from the fields of Critical Migration- and Border Studies and Discourse Studies, I develop a theoretical and methodological framework that enables to grasp discursive borders in their complexity. On a broader level, I am interested in re-approaching post-structuralist and materialist strands of theory and analysis by going back to their beginnings in structural Marxism and psychoanalysis. Furthermore, I show how discourse analysis contributes to a more nuanced understanding of the relation between language and materiality in (Critical-) Migration Studies

My research project was jointly supervised by Johannes Angermuller (CAL) and Vicki Squire (PAIS), and funded with a Warwick Chancellor's Scholarship.



Journal articles and editorials

Book reviews and review articles

  • Schwab, Veit (forthcoming, 2018): "Book review: Benno Herzog, Discourse Analysis as Social Critique: Discursive and Non-Discursive Realities in Critical Social Research". Discourse & Society 29 (5).
  • Schwab, Veit (2015): "Analysing and unsettling discursive differentiation and effects of in-/exclusion". Journal of Multicultural Discourses 11 (1): 118-24. doi:10.1080/17447143.2015.1042385
  • Schwab, Veit (2015): "Ruben Andersson’s Illegality, Inc. (2014). A Review". Movements 1 (2). by-sa.png


Special Issues

9783837635713_720x720.jpgFiedler, Mathias, Fabian Georgi, Lee Hielscher, Philipp Ratfisch, Lisa Riedner,
Veit Schwab, and Simon Sontowski (2017):

movements. Journal for Critical Migration- and Border Regime Studies:

Vol. 3, Issue 1/2017: Contested Movements to and through Europe

Bielefeld: transcript.


Edited volumes

mdma_cover.jpgOut now!

Beetz, Johannes and Veit Schwab (Eds., 2017)

Material Discourse - Materialist Analysis. Approaches in Discourse Studies

Lanham, MD: Lexington Books

Material Discourse—Materialist Analysis explores the entanglement of material realities and discourse. A cognate concern for discourse as well as materialism and materiality can look back on a long tradition in the social sciences and humanities. This book makes their relation an explicit focus. Located at the intersections of materialism and Discourse Studies, it highlights the materiality of discourse and the entanglement of matter and meaning.

Conntributions in edited volumes

  • Beetz, Johannes and Veit Schwab (forthcoming 2017): "Materialist Discourse Analysis: Three moments and some criteria". In Johannes Beetz, Veit Schwab (Eds.): Material Discourse - Materialist Analysis. Approaches in Discourse Studies. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • Beetz, Johannes and Veit Schwab (forthcoming 2017): "Material-Discursive Entanglements: Locating Materialist Discourse Studies". In Johannes Beetz, Veit Schwab (Eds.): Material Discourse - Materialist Analysis. Approaches in Discourse Studies. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • Schwab, Veit (2016): "Und Sie sind hier der Experte, oder?. Politische Pädagogik muss den unterschiedlichen Wissenspositionen der Akteur/innen Rechnung tragen" (="And you're the expert here, right? Political pedagogy should take into account actors' knowledge positions"). In Matthias Weinzierl, Till Schmidt (Eds.): Pastinaken raus! Ein Handbuch: Die Färberei; Kreisjugendring München-Stadt, pp. 36–39 (in German). (PDF Document)
  • Angermuller, Johannes and Veit Schwab (2014): "Zu Qualitätskriterien und Gelingensbedingungen in der Diskursforschung" (="On Quality Criteria and Successful Research in Discourse Studies"). In Johannes Angermuller, Martin Nonhoff, Eva Herschinger, Felicitas Macgilchrist, Martin Reisigl, Juliette Wedl et al. (Eds.): Diskursforschung. Ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch. 2 Volumes. Bielefeld: transcript (Sozialtheorie). (With Johannes Angermuller, in German).


  • Courtine, Jean Jacques (forthcoming 2017): "The Second Disappearance of Michel Pêcheux". In Johannes Beetz, Veit Schwab (Eds.): Material Discourse - Materialist Analysis. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.


Conferences and Workshops



  • (2017) "Materialistische Diskursanalyse - Zur Verbindung von Materialismus und Diskursforschung" [= Materialist Discourse Analysis. On the combination of Materialism and Discourse Studies]. Contribution to "Diskursanalyse nach dem Marxismus. Kritik, Emanzipation und Neuvermessung eines theoretischen Spannungsverhältnisses", University of Gießen (Germany), April 2017. (With Johannes Beetz).
  • (2017) Discourse analysis and social change within and beyond 'overall shit'. Contribution to DiscourseNet Winter School on Discourse, Ideology, and Political Economy in Valencia (Spain), January 2017.


  • (2016) "Materialist Discourse Analysis in and beyond Discourse Studies". Contribution to "Materialist_Discourse_Analysis: Methodological entanglements", University of Warwick, July 2016. (With Johannes Beetz).
  • (2016) "Conceptual Borders and the Double Excess of Material-Discursive Practices". Contribution to "What matters? New Materialities and Material-semiotic Perspectives Within Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies", Munich (Germany), May 2016.
  • (2016) "Die Konzeptuellen Grenzen Europas, oder: Wie wir alle zu Borderguards werden. Überlegungen zur Rolle von Kategorisierungen im Europäischen Migrationsregime" (="The Conceptual Borders of Europe, or: How we're all becoming borderguards. Reflections on the role of categorisation in the European migration regime"). Guest presentation in a session of the module "Flucht und Migration nach EU-ropa", Institut für Soziologie at LMU Munich (Germany), May 2016.




  • (2015) "Locating and Unsettling Conceptual Borders in the European Migration Regime". Contribution to "Migration, Post-Coloniality, and the Question of Europe", University of Warwick, July 2015.
  • (2015) "Embrace the gaps! The double excess of material//discursive practices". Contribution to "Mind the gap, please! – A research workshop on discourse analysis, New Materialisms and the ‘practice turn’ in the social sciences", University of Warwick, June 2015.
  • (2015) "Academic Border Guards? Locating and Unsettling Conceptual Borders in Migration Studies". Contribution to "Unsettling Borders: Rethinking Ethical Politics in IR", ISA Annual Convention 2015, New Orleans (USA), February 2015.


  • (2015) Methodology Workshop with Anna Lundberg (Malmö University): "Researching enactment of rights from below: Ethical and political concerns, and human rights as a radical element in research" (with Lorenzo Vianelli). Borders, Race, Ethnicity and Migration Network, University of Warwick, June 2015.
  • (2015) Winter School: "DiscourseNet Winter School. Doing research on academic, educational and intellectual discourses" (co-organisation). Valencia (Spain), January 2015.
  • (2015) Conference: "Politics, Practices, and Discourses of Mobility: First Edinburgh Conference in Critical Migration and Border Studies" (with Nina Perkowski). University of Edinburgh, January 2015.


  • (2014) "Contested Migration Regimes – Contested Theory? The Neglected Beginnings of a Theoretical Concept". Contribution to "Contested Migration Regimes: European Perspectives and Beyond", University Frankfurt (Germany), November 2014.
  • (2014) "The Labour/Refugee Divide: Intersectional Construction, Intersectional Contestation". Contribution to "Migrating in, migrating out: how to (re)think migrants' struggles", New Left Perspectives and Social Center 'Xaspel' Sofia (Bulgaria), May 2014.
  • (2014) "Migration Beyond the Labour / Refugee Divide? Discursive Differentiation in the European Migration Regime". Contribution to „In the Frame? Public and Political Discourses of Migration“, University of Limerick (Ireland), April 2014.
  • (2014) "Freedom of Movement in Crisis? The European Migration Regime and the Labour / Refugee Divide". Presentation given for the Network for Critical Border and Migration Regime Research (kritnet) in Munich (Germany), March 2014.


  • (2014) PhD Workshop in the context of "Borders, Migration and Sovereignty: A Transregional Analysis of the Politics and Ethics of Contemporary Border Control" (with Lorenzo Vianelli). Warwick-Monash Alliance, University of Warwick, June 2014.
  • (2014) Conference: "Discourse Analysis in the Social Sciences: Towards a Dialogue between Theory and Analysis" (with Sue Wharton, Ronny Scholz, Johannes Angermuller). Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL), University of Warwick, Coventry, March 2014.
  • (2014) Conference Track: "Europe – Citizenship, Freedom of Movement and Labour In and Beyond Crisis?" (with Lisa Riedner). Organised for the 9th meeting of the Network for Critical Border and Migration Regime Research (kritnet) in Munich (Germany), March 2014.

  • (2013) "The (im-)possibility of a discursive differentiation between labour- and refugee migration". Presentation given for the Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association at the University of Berne (Switzerland), June 2013.

Teaching and Mentoring

  • Workshop on methods of discourse analysis for PhD students (ESRC DTC Advanced training), University of Warwick, Spring 2017
  • Mentor on the Warwick PhD Funding Mentorship Scheme, Autumn 2013.
  • Construction Europe: Integration, Identities, Difference. Module seminar held at the University of Munich, Summer term 2013.
  • Introduction to Critical Migration Studies. Module seminar held at the University of Munich, Winter term 2012/2013.



Veit Schwab
University of Warwick
Centre of Applied Linguistics

V dot Schwab at warwick dot ac dot uk

PGP key available on request.



Veit Schwab

V dot Schwab at warwick dot ac dot uk

Research Focus

  • Critical Migration Studies
  • Materialist Discourse Studies
  • Poststructuralism and Marxism