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Charalampos Efstathopoulos

PhD candidate:

PhD Topic

I am currently in the fourth year of my PhD in the department of Politics and International Studies. My thesis focuses on a comparative analysis of Indian and South African diplomacy in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) during the Doha Round negotiations. The period under examination covers the three WTO Ministerial Conferences of Doha (2001), Cancun (2003), and Hong-Kong (2005). Middle power theory is used as the principal analytical framework for examining the multilateral diplomacy of the two case studies which potentially provide broader insights on the role of emerging powers from the global South in the contemporary world order.

Thesis Title

'Middle Power Diplomacy in the WTO: India, South Africa, and the Doha Development Agenda'

Research Interests

  • Middle power theories
  • Theoretical approaches to multilateral diplomacy
  • Indian foreign policy
  • South African foreign policy
  • Trade politics and WTO negotiations


Efstathopoulos, C. (2012) 'Leadership in the WTO: Brazil, India and the Doha Development Agenda', Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 25(2), pp. 269-293.

Efstathopoulos, C. (2012) 'Middle Powers and Combative Diplomacy: South Africa in the 2003 Cancun Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation', Diplomacy and Statecraft, 23(1), pp. 140-161.

Efstathopoulos, C. (2011) 'Reinterpreting India's Rise through the Middle Power Prism', Asian Journal of Political Science, 19(1), pp. 74-95.

Additional Info

I am currently a seminar tutor for the first year module World Politics.


Charalampos Efstathopoulos

C dot Efstathopoulos at warwick dot ac dot uk