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Alex Sutton


I have completed my PhD, in the department of Politics and International Studies at Warwick University. I completed my postgraduate Masters in International Relations at Warwick (2006 - 2007) and I received an MA(Hons) from St Andrews University in International Relations (2002 - 2006).

Current Activities

My current research focuses on understanding imperialism as a state strategy manifest as a relationship between states, and the implications this understanding has for the study of the British Empire. To this end, I am pursuing both theoretical and empirical avenues for clarifying and supporting this position, looking particularly at open Marxism and Britain's relations with its colonies in the immediate post-war period. I am currently writing a defence of open Marxism (with Pinar Donmez) and an analysis of Malayan independence and its implications for British economic policy, as well as turning my PhD thesis into a research monograph.

Future Research

My future research agenda centres on a research project analysing the ill-fated Groundnut Scheme in British East Africa from 1947-1951, which saw an attempt by the British state to develop the economy of one of its poorest colonies to provide a substitute source of cooking oil for the British home market during post-war rationing. The project presents this scheme in terms of British and global political economy, focusing particularly on the limits of state action during times of crisis and austerity.


Alex Sutton

Email: alex dot sutton at warwick dot ac dot uk
Room B1.11
Tel: +44 (0)24761 50061
Advice and Feedback Hours:
Tuesday 10-12
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