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Conferences and Workshops


"Harvey's Imperialism as Periodisation"; International Studies Association Annual Convention, San Francisco; 6th April 2013

"An open relationship: Britain, Malaya, and the Sterling Area"; 23rd Annual Conference of the British International History Group, Glasgow; 10th September 2011

"Age of Empires: a critical analysis of imperialism"; 'Rethinking the Modern: Colonialism, Empire and Slavery' Conference, Birmingham; 12th July 2011

"An imperial relationship: Britain, Malaya, and the Sterling Area 1945 - 1955"; BISA Annual Conference, Manchester; 29th April 2011

"Open Marxism, utopia and totality"; 'No Future' Conference, Durham University; 25th - 27th March 2011

"The 'utopian impulse', or the dilemma of systemic change"; ECPR Graduate Conference, Dublin; 31st August 2010

"Post-capitalisms and social reproduction: an open Marxist analysis"; PSA Graduate Conference, Dublin; 31st March 2010


“Malayan Independence and British Imperialism”; The Everyday IPE of Southeast Asia Workshop, Warwick University; 26th July 2012

"In Defence of open Marxism"; IPE Research Cluster, Warwick University; 17th November 2011

"'Post-capitalisms': A Critical Analysis"; CRIPS workshop, Warwick University; 21st October 2009

"British post-war reconstruction and the relevance of Malaya"; CRIPS workshop, Warwick University; 25th February 2009

"Continuity in British foreign policy since 1979"; CRIPS workshop, Warwick University; 16th January 2008