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My Research

Research interests

theories of distributive justice and equality

property entitlement

taxation and justice

philosophy of taxation

comprehensive income taxation

alternative economic and taxation systems

uses of techonology to improve taxation and justice


"Comprehensive lifetime taxation of international citizens: A solution to tax avoidance, tax competition, and tax unfairness" in Leaman, J. & Waris, A. (eds) The Political Economy of Taxation, (Oxford: Berghahn books) 2013.

Rethinking taxation: An introduction to hourly averaging, London: Searching Finance, forthcoming


"Ethical Taxation and Finance"

FINCRIS workshop on Finance and Taxation, Oct '13, Birmingham University,

"Hypothetical insurance and hourly averaging"

Taxation and Social Justice, Aug '13, University of Salzburg

"Hypothetical Insurance and the Tax Base"

Graduate Political Theory Conference, 11/02/12, Warwick University

"Is private property necessary for equality?"

ALSP Conference, 06/07/11

"Should Capabilities or Resources be the guide to taxation?"

Brave New World, 28/06/11, University of Manchester

and, Graduate Political Theory Conference, 02/07/11, University of Warwick

"Comprehensive lifetime taxation, tax avoidance, and international citizens: a sketch of a world tax organization"

The Political Economy of Taxation, 29/09/10, CSIG, Loughborough University


"Time to Axe the Annual Tax? Is it fairer to calculate tax on a lifetime or annual basis?"

CRIPS workshop, Warwick. May 2010

"Thresholds and Bubbles: Conceptualising Comprehensive Income"

CRIPS workshop, Warwick. February 2010

"An Introduction to the CLIPH-Rate Tax."

CRIPS workshop, Warwick. May 2009