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My Research

My thesis is entitled 'The Securitization of Female Migrant Domestic Labor in Greece since 1990s'.

Throughout my studies my academic interest focused on the social, economic and political engendered structures that are demonstrated in the daily lived experiences of citizens in both their private and public activities. For my PhD research I have decided to focus on female economic migrants in Greece and specifically on female migrant domestic workers due to the domination of the profession within the unskilled female migrant labour market.

My project’s focus is on the group of female migrant domestic workers in Greece and their experienced inequalities and vulnerabilities. Given the fact that the status of political illegality has been established as the characteristic of female migrant domestic workers in Greece distinguishing them on an international level the aim of this project is to develop a theoretical framework that will explore the role migration regimes play in Greece in shaping the experienced social, economic and political inequalities and vulnerabilities of female migrant domestic workers. The choice of the Copenhagen School’s Securitization Theory as the theoretical basis of this theoretical framework lays on the fact that by focusing on the social and political processes that construct the securitized object as a security threat it enables the researcher to identify the involved actors, trace the basic premises and arguments.