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About me

I am a 29-year old Norwegian national who commenced as a PhD student within PaiS October 2009. I arrived, however, directly from Leeds in West-Yorkshire where I have spent my two last years as an MPhil/Postgraduate Research Student in International Business. It is very rewarding and exciting - and a challange - to embark on a new research endeavour in a new subject field in another discipline. I will remain in contact with business-academia, predominantly through pursuing academic publications based on my MPhil thesis, in addition to instigated co-authorship projects.

Leeds is a great northern city with an active entertainment diary as well as many hidden treasures on the "wining & dining" scene. Italian pizza at Pietro's in Far Headingley (Cottage road) and French at Sous le Nez ("follow your nose") are unparallelled. As part of my studies in Leeds, an experience close at heart was the opportunity to live and study in Hong Kong. Again, a big thank to all the kind and wise people who participated in my field research of Scandinavian expatriates in Hong Kong and my new friends.

A running theme as far as my interests, academic and work choices relates to the pursuit of experience the "other's" world by accumulating international and intercultural exposure, skills, and knowledge. I find this important as a citizen of "the world" but also exciting and rewarding on the personal level. Until now, I have been fortunate to study and live in five countries (i.e. Norway, UK, Australia, Hong Kong SAR, and Spain) and travelled in 15 others. Because I also highly appreciate interacting with peoeple, learning languages is also a great interest which brought me to language school in Spain as well as part-time studies in the language in Norway.

I have enjoyed having diverse interests and hobbies. Sometimes they have played a significant role in my life - for example playing the piano which subsequently lead me to play the organ, which put me in a rather ironic situation: being employed as an organist and conductor of a gospel choir in the Norwegian State Church but also being non-religious and teaching courses for youth in the Norwegian Humanist Association! All wonderful experiences though. It was a fortunate way of earning wages of a hobby, but also a marvellous opportunity to meet so many different, wonderful people in different contexts. In my own youth (in the last millenium!) I was a keen tabletennis player where we competed in tournaments almost every weekend for several years. When graduating as a national umpire in the sport I was the youngest one in my country but was given the chance to be a "ref" at both the World Championship for Veterans as well as the North-European Championship.

Another important facet of how to spend my free time has been to partake in volunteer work. It has been a great source for learning by having held more than 20 committee positions in sports, culture, and student bodies in Norway and Australia across local, regional, and national levels. Having now embarked on a new chapter in my life, here on the edge of Coventry (with an empasis on 'edge'), I am delighted to have become part of both a University and Department which enjoy a reputation of international excellenece, as well as a wonderful cohort of new 1st year PhD students and very talented, knowledgable, and approachable supervisors.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback