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Leadership & volunteer experience

Apr 2010 - Apr 2011

(Apr 2011 - Apr 2012 as Chair, Apr 2012 - Apr 2013 as President)

Vice-Chair, Postgraduate Research Network (PGN), British International Studies Association (BISA).
  • I will serve as Chair from April 2011 to April 2012
  • The Committee is currently (2010) comprised by the Chair (James Malcolm, Warwick), Andrew Hammond (Warwick) and Astrid Nordin (Manchester) in addition to myself as Vice-Chair


Co-Convenor, Critical International and Political Studies Graduate Working Group (CRIPS), Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick
  • Main tasks: the website and the Graduate Working Paper series
  • The Working Group consists of four 1st year PhD students(Sebastian Gehart, Andrew Hammond, and Chris Rossdale)

2010 - 2012


Co-Convenor and Initiator, Ethnographic Reading Group, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick
  • In collaboration with fellow PhD students Bairavee Balasubramaniam and Chris Rossdale

2009 - 2012


Contact Person (University of Warwick), Association of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA)

2007 - 2008


Research Student Representative, Faculty Graduate School (Research) Committee, Leeds University Business School (chaired by Dr Tom Burgess, PhD Director)

Sep 2007 – Sep 2009 

Contact Person (University of Leeds), ANSA

Sep 2008 - Feb 2009

Contact Person (Hong Kong Baptist University), ANSA

Nov 2007

Organising Committee, Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA) Annual Conference, University of Leeds (28-30th Nov)
  • Volunteering together with two PhD students prior to and during the conference (approximately 90 hours in total)

Aug 2007 - May 2008

Executive Member, International Working Group, Norwegian Association of Students (StL)

Nov 2007 - May 2008

Web Officer, ANSA’s Network of Business Studies (ANSABiz)

May 2007 - Aug 2007

Head of Information and Sponsorship Relations, Skien Table Tennis Club

May 2007

General Assembly participant, Norwegian Table Tennis Association

May - Dec 2006


Leader and Contact Person, Provisional Committee, Young European Federalists in Telemark and Vestfold (provincial/state level)

May - Dec 2006

Youth Representative, European Movement in Telemark (provincial/state level)

Jun 2005 - Jun 2006

Head of Public Relations, ‘ANSA Samfunn’ (a sub-committee on national level within the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad, which represents all Norwegian students who are members of ANSA within humanities and social science disciplines across approximately 20 countries). Our main task was to plan and execute a national workshop for members, which we successfully achieved by hosting a seminar featuring several nationally renowed scholars and top political management in Governmental Ministries

Feb - Sep 2005


Treasurer/Board Member, ANSA-Sydney (the Sydney branch of the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad). I was also a member of the ‘Norway Day sub-committee’ organizing a major event handling a $12,000 budget

Dec 2003 - May 2004


Media Director, Curtin Marketing Association (Curtin Business School). Leading the Media team consisting of 11 members, and member of the “Board of Directors”. The position involved strategic planning and implementation of public relations and marketing activities in order to generate media coverage of a major event and its sponsors (extensive liaison with newspapers, television, radio, commercial actors, various publications, sponsors, and the co-organizer. Results: articles with colour photographs in local and regional newspapers, articles in student publications, announcements on radio and in state newspapers, TV infomercial, high participation for the event, satisfied sponsors and co-organizer

Aug - Dec 2003


Member of the media liaison task force group, Curtin Marketing Association (Curtin Business School)

May 2002 - Nov 2003

Board Member, ANSA-Perth (the Perth branch of the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad)

May 2002 - Jul 2003

Committee Member, the Thailand Project, Perth branch (fundraising for homeless children in northern Thailand)

May 2001 - May 2002

Elected Substitute Member, Judgment Board, Norwegian Association of Table Tennis

1999 – 2000

Member, Youth Committee, Norwegian Association of Table Tennis

1999 – 2000

Board Member, Bamble City Council’s Millennium Committee (Sport representative from the Sports Council)

1999 - 2000

Representative for sports instructors, Gymnastic Sports Society, Langesund Athletic Association

1999 - 2000


President and one of two grounders of The Culture Architects (a cultural and volunteer organisation in Bamble Council Borough)

1998 - 2000


Board Member, Youth Committee, Telemark Provincial Association of Sports (on County level)



Comperé (co-hosting), The Norwegian Youth Festivals of Art (Bamble City Council, Department of Cultural Affairs)


General Assembly participant, Telemark Provincial Association

1997 - 2000

Board Member/Youth Representative, Bamble City Council’s Sport Committee

1997 - 2000

Vice-President, Youth Committee, Bamble Sport Council

May 1997

General Assembly participant, Norwegian Table Tennis Association


Treasurer, Skien Table Tennis Club


Member of the Provisional Board, Langesund Athletic Association’s Sports Society for children

1998 – 1999

Member of the Election Committee, Gymnastic Sports Society, Langesund Athletic Association


Participant, Norwegian Olympic Academy, Lillehammer

1997 - 1999

Committee Member/Youth Representative, Langesund Athletic Association

1997 - 1999

Leader of the Instructor Group, Table Tennis Sports Society, Langesund Athletic Association

1996 - 1999

Sports Responsible/Committee Member, Table Tennis Sports Society, Langesund Athletic Association

1997 - 1999

Youth Representative/Board Member, Telemark Table Tennis Region

1997 - 1998

President, Youth Committee, Telemark Table Tennis Region


In addition, extensive unpaid work has been carried out, for example: Course instructor for the Norwegian Association for Sport and Olympic Committee (sports club development, training course, and youth leadership course), umpire/referee representing the Norwegian Table Tennis Association (i.e. World Championship for Veterans, North-European Championship for Seniors, Norwegian Elite League for Men, and Norwegian Championship), as well as being a trainer/instructor at various levels in table tennis (including national team) players and gymnastics. I have also been involved as a pianist associated with five different choirs as well as contributing to organising local concerts and other cultural events.