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My Research

PhD Thesis: Justice and Legitimacy at Work

The introduction to my thesis can be found here.

Some Further Projects

In addition to the PhD thesis, I am currently engaged in two further projects. First, I am concerned with the now familiar issue of when, if ever, it is permissible for the state to use nudge interventions. Typically, those who work on this issue are concerned with the permissibility of so-called libertarian paternalism - that is, with the permissibility of the state using nudge interventions 'to influence choices in a way that will make the choosers better off'. I, however, am interested in a related, but distinct, question: When, if ever, is it permissible for the state to use nudge interventions to make others better off? That is, when, if ever, is it permissible for the state to nudge one citizen to further the interests of another?

Second, I am interested in the normative significance of benefiting from injustice. My interest here is not concerned with the duties that arise in virtue of wrongdoing; rather, I hope to examine the duties that arise through innocently benefiting from acts of injustice. The types of cases considered are thus ones in which an injustice occurs, and the benefit accrues to an innocent third party. Do innocent beneficiaries of injustice have a duty to disgorge (some) of the fruits of injustice? What principle(s) ground this duty? And what are the political implications of such a duty?



Matthew Clayton

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