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Oguzhan Yanarisik

Thesis Title: The Role of Identity Discourses in Foreign Policy Change: Turkish Case

Supervisors: Christopher Browning and George Christou

Higher Education Details

PhD Candidate, Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick, UK (2010-2015)

Master of European Studies, Center for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn, Germany (2007-2009)

Master of Arts in International Relations, European Union & IPE Studies, University of Bilkent, Turkey (2005-2008)

Bachelor of Science in International Relations, Hacettepe University, Turkey (2001-2005)

Professional Experience

Chief Editor, Akademik Perspektif (Academic Perspective) online magazine (July 2010 - Present)

Journalist at Cologne office of monthly newspaper Post published in Germany (January-August 2008)

Intern at Turkish Grand National Assembly (June-July 2005 and June-July 2004)

Intern at Eurasia Strategic Research Center ASAM (August 2004)

Intern at Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center for Strategic Research SAM (July 2004)

Research Interests

Turkish Foreign Policy

European Studies

Social Constructivism

Turkey-EU Relations

International Relations

Oguzhan Yanarisik

Oguzhan Yanarisik

O dot Yanarisik at warwick dot ac dot uk

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