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Johanna Vuorelma


I have always been interested in how our common sense is constructed. The question is particularly important in world politics because interpretations that seem natural to us have the most impact on our lives. At the core of my intellectual thinking is that interpretation is never value-free or neutral, and that this aesthetic insight should be recognised and embraced in the social sciences. My research interest in how morality and values are represented and rendered meaningful in the international system has led me to narrative and interpretative approaches, which I employed already in my MA dissertation at University College London in 2008. The dissertation was turned into a journal article in Slovo, which you can access here.

I spent the academic year of 2006–2007 at Istanbul Bilgi University, which was in many ways a formative year for me. Turkish politics and culture began to fascinate me to such an extent that my subsequent research has been formed around it. Since then I have returned to Istanbul and Ankara several times: first as a Turkish language student and later as a visiting researcher at the department of Political Science and International Relations at Boğaziçi University (2011). You can read some of my thoughts on Turkish politics here (and here and here).

Before joining the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) at the University of Warwick, I worked as a research assistant in the European Union research programme of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (2009–2010). Currently based in my native Finland, I am the editor-in-chief of, a popular science online journal of the Finnish Political Science Association. If you read Finnish, you can access my articles here. More opinion pieces published in Finnish can be found here and here.

If you are more interested in hearing my thoughts on topical issues, here, here, here, here and here are some TV and radio interviews in Finnish.

Current research

By 2011 my two research interests – Turkey and narratives – were so much intertwined that I needed to embark on a more ambitious project to channel them out in a coherent way. In my PhD (2017) I examined how foreign policy analysis concerning Turkey not only assesses Turkey and its international actions but also produces morality related to the international system in general and the role of the West in particular. I approach the topic using narrative tools, especially Hayden White's tropology. My PhD research was funded by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.

My thinking concerning Western narratives of Turkey in foreign policy analysis is well captured in White's notion that 'sequences of real events possess the formal attributes of the stories we tell about imaginary events could only have its origin in wishes, daydreams, reveries. Does the world really present itself to perception in the form of well-made stories, with central subjects, proper beginnings, middles, and ends, and a coherence that permits us to see "the end" in every beginning?' (White 1987, 24–25)

I am currently Postdoctoral Researcher in the Network for European Studies at the University of Helsinki. My postdoc research is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Selected publications


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Finnish Political Science Association

Finnish Association of Political Scientists

British International Studies Association

Speaking in a panel on popularising science at the Helsinki Book Fair in October 2015.

Johanna Vuorelma

Johanna Vuorelma

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