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In 2018/19, I teach the following modules:

  • 'Introduction to International Development' at Oxford Brookes University (lecture on Thursdays from 1-2pm, seminars from 2-3pm and 3-4pm, office hour from 12-1pm)
  • 'Violence, Rights, Justice and Peace in the Middle East' at the University of Warwick' (seminars on Fridays from 10-11am, 11am-12pm and 12-1pm, advice and feedback hour from 1-2pm)

In previous years, I have taught modules on:

  • 'Introduction to Political Science Research Methods'
  • 'Introduction to Social Sciences Research Methods'
  • 'Introduction to International Security'
  • 'Gender and Development'

Advice and feedback/office hours

If you are in one of my seminar groups and have any questions or concerns, please come and see me during my advice and feedback/office hours. Please note there are no advice and feedback/office hours during reading weeks and outside of term-time. If you are unable to attend my advice and feedback/office hours, please send me an e-mail (j dot p dot eggert at warwick dot ac dot uk / jeggert at brookes dot ac dot uk) or speak to me in class.

Teaching Awards and Nominations

I won the 2017/18 Warwick Teaching Excellence Award for Postgraduates Who Teach. I was also nominated for the 2017/18 University Awards (in the category 'Student Experience').

From student feedback (February 2017):

"This is my favourite seminar out of the three I have. Jennifer is inspiring"

"It's my favourite seminar as there's a good amount of work discussed in a nice, easy, relaxed environment."

"It is lively and laid back, Jennifer is very nice and fun to have as a tutor. Also very helpful."

"It's very engaging, and Jennifer's attitude is always positive."

"I like most about the seminar that it is engaging and different from other seminars."

"The best thing about the seminar is the way we interact with the topics. It's really engaging."

"I like how everyone is required to participate equally in group discussions, and the seminar group itself is very friendly and nice. Although this seminar runs on a Monday, and political research may not be the most exciting topic, the seminar is very enjoyable."

"Nice atmosphere. Jennifer makes us feel relaxed, not stressful."

"Groupwork is always in different groups. Jennifer makes the topics as interesting as possible."

"There are some topics that are not so interesting but regardless, the activities we do make it more interesting which is a plus."