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Work Experience


Holding a workshop for women on how to help prevent violent extremism and terrorism

I have worked for organisations both in the UK and several countries in Western and South Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South Asia. I have work experience in the following fields:

Civic education

...for youth centres and NGOs in Bulgaria and Bosnia, a civic education academy in Germany and international organisations in Lebanon and Spain.

International and intercultural youth work

...for youth centres and NGOs in Bulgaria, Bosnia, a youth centre in a socio-economically deprived area in Germany and an international organisation in Spain.

Intercultural relations

...for international cultural institutes in Palestine, Yemen and Pakistan.


...for a British think tank, a London-based community organisation and international organisations in Lebanon and Austria.

Community engagement and empowerment Bulgaria, Germany, Bosnia, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Austria and the UK.


...for a British think tank, an international organisation, a big international NGO, a university and a political risk consultancy.

Event and project management



Group work by workshop participants: How and why do individuals become radicalised?

Photos: ACAA