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Mara Duer


I am an Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study at the University of Warwick. I also teach in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, where I submitted my PhD in September 2017. For my Phd, I was awarded the Political Spaces scholarship by Dr. Stuart Elden at the Politics and International Studies Department of Warwick University.
From 2010-2012, I was a beneficiary of a full scholarship from Rotary Foundation to pursue a Master in Peace Studies at the International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan. For my master thesis, I worked in New York City at the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ while analysing Muslim and Arab communities’ right to belong to the city.
In Argentina, I worked at the University of Buenos Aires teaching Middle Eastern Sociology. In Japan, I lectured on international relations and worked at ICU’s Social Science Research Institute as a Research Associate in Critical Security Studies.


The Right to Belong to the Land: Coloniality and Resistance in the Araucanía

My research incorporates the perspective of marginal communities to show that resistance to extractive economies in South America has a potential for land decolonisation. Since the ‘discovery’ of America, enclosure practices have simplified conceptions of the continent’s land into ‘property’ and ‘resource’, and, in International Relations, as ‘terrain’ and ‘territory’. Other understandings of, and relations to, land have been banalised, marginalised, invisibilised – and attacked. A de-colonial approach can illustrate how global land commodification from above, and land resistance from below, both challenge the dominance of modern state-space.

I engage with Henri Lefebvre’s work on the rural and Michel Foucault’s notion of power and enclosure, aiming to make a contribution to Political Geography from a decolonial perspective. For my case study, I conducted fieldwork in the Chilean region of Araucanía, looking at land contestation between rural Mapuche communities, timber corporations and state agents.


Organizer of Workshop Modern-Colonial Geographies in Latin America funded by The Academy of Global Humanities and Critical Theory (University of Bologna, Duke University, University of Virginia), to be held at Kings College, April 2018

Event organizer, Graduate Conference in Political Geography, Warwick University, UK, Nov 2016 PaIS

'(Dis)assembling State Spaces'

Event organizer, Graduate Conference in Political Geography, Warwick University, UK, Nov 2014 PaIS

Contested Political Spaces: Urban, Land and Other Struggles’

Conference Presentations

‘La Decolonización de la Tierra, un Caso del Sur Global’, Social Struggles for Land in Latin America. Lima, Peru. June 2015,

‘Enclosure and Land Production in Arauncanía, Chile. A case from the Global South’ The 8th Nordic Latin American Research Network Conference NOLAN 2015, Helsinki, Finland

‘Land decolonisation in South America: The right to belong to the land’Interational Studies Association (ISA) 2015 New Orleans, USA. Feb 2015

‘The Securitisation of Territorial Decolonisation: The Case of Southern Chile’ (co-authored with Giorgio Shani, Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations, International Christian University, Japan) Regional ISA-Flacso 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 2014

'Securitization of Mosques in the Western World: A Case Study of the "Ground Zero Mosque"' Critical Geography Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US Nov 2012 & Rotary Conference, Tokyo, Japan June 2012

'Al Jazeera, a Satellite in the Middle East'. IV Congress in International Relations, La Plata National University, Argentina. Nov 2008

Attendance World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil. 2001

Research Funding and support

Warwick University Political Spaces studentship 2013-2016

Society For Latin American Studies (SLAS) Postgraduate Travel Grant

Instituto Indigena at the Frontier University, Temuco. Chile

Rotary Peace Fellow 2010-2012

Other roles

Research Fellow, Social Science Research Institute (SSRI-2013)

Teaching Assistant in Ethnicity, Identity and Nationalism, ICU (2012-2013)

Teaching Assistant in Middle Eastern Sociology, UBA (2008-2010)

Youth Peace Ambassadors’ Workshop, Hiroshima, Japan (Oct 2010)

Relevant Professional Training

Nonviolent Communication Training, Center for Nonviolent Communication, Nov 2010, Tokyo, Japan

Intercultural Communication workshop, Sietar Japan Contrast Culture Method, Oct 2010, Tokyo, Japan

Leadership training school. Training course in non-formal education and recreation. Hebraica, 1996–1997, Buenos Aires Argentina


Enclosure Genealogy of Araucanía- Poster



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Dr. Stuart Elden (PaIS Department, Warwick University)

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