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Lorenzo Feltrin


PhD Candidate

Email: L dot Feltrin at warwick dot ac dot uk

Thesis> Paths of Change: Moroccan and Tunisian Labour in the Pursuit of Civil and Socioeconomic Rights

My PhD project investigates the role of the trade unions in the 2011 Uprisings in Morocco and Tunisia through a historical perspective. I am particularly interested in the evolution of the relations between the trade unions and the changing class composition on the one hand, and the trade unions and the state on the other hand. The research is based on extensive fieldwork featuring 95 semi-structured interviews, over 2,000 press articles on labour-related matters, labour legislation, socioeconomic statistics and various relevant documents produced by the trade unions and by the state. As the existing academic scholarship on labour in the Maghreb is relatively limited, the comparison provides an original contribution to the study of labour in contentious politics for democracy and social justice in the region.

Supervisors: Nicola Pratt and Oz Hassan

To know more about my work, have a look at my ePortfolio.