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Katerina Hadjimatheou

Research Fellow
Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group

Email: K dot Hadjimatheou at warwick dot ac dot uk
Tel: +44 (0)24765 28032
Room: E2.25


Dr. Kat Hadjimatheou is a researcher with the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group. She publishes academic articles in the ethics of policing, security technologies, border control, trafficking and surveillance. Currently she is working on papers looking at the extent to which the criminality of others should be a public matter; the new trend in citizen-led policing initiatives, such as self-styled paedophile catchers; and anti-slavery policy in the UK. Her full CV is available here.

In addition to her academic work, she has done workshops and training for agencies including the FCO and the College of Policing. She has produced a report on the ethics of border control for the EU Borders agency FRONTEX and consulted on their code of ethics. She has also worked on a number of EU-funded Security Research projects focusing on the ethics of security and surveillance technologies including DETECTER and SURVEILLE. As part of the SURVEILLE project she and colleagues ran an Ethics Advisory Service for developers and users of security technologies such as smart CCTV.

Currently, she is working on the EU-funded project MEDI@4SEC looking at the ethical implications of the use of social media for public security and for the EU-funded PERICLES project, which produces counter-radicalisation tools for police and other actors.

She sits on the Ethics Advisory Board of the EU-funded research project DRIVER and on UK police-appointed ethics panels relating to Undercover Policing and Digital Policing. She is Chair of the Gloucestershire Constabulary Ethics Panel and a member of the National Crime Agency's Independent Reference Group. She teaches on the course Issues in Political Theory.


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