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Journal articles

  • (2013) ‘Understanding Multiple and Competing Roles: China's Roles in International Order ’ Pacific Focus 28 (2) August 2013 pp.190-217

Works in progress

  • Constructing Great Powers in a Constructed Plurality’ Conversion of Paper from the Liberal Way of War workshop in May 2011 – Submitted to International Politics August 2012
  • ‘ASEAN as a Security Community: The role of External Powers’
  • 'Responding to China's Rise: The US Pivot to Asia' conference paper under conversion to an article
  • China and UN Sanctions against the DPRK

Conference/workshop papers and contributions

  • August 2013 - ACPS Annual Conference, University of Costa Rica: China and Sanctions on North Korea: Evidence of a Shifting Policy
  • June 2013 - BISA Annual Conference: Responding to China's Rise: The US's (Re)positioning to Asia
  • March 2013 - PSA Cardiff Annual Conference: The party’s over for the use of sanctions? China and the Authorisation of Sanctions at the UN
  • July 2012 – Liberal Wars Conference: ‘Challenging the Possibility of Liberal Wars: China and the Authorisation of UN Missions
  • June 2012 – ISA-BISA Conference Edinburgh: Panel Organiser and Paper Giver ‘China and its Neighbours: Common Visions of Order or Hidden Contests?
  • June 2012 - China Postgraduate Network: Paper Giver and Panel Chair/Discussant ‘China and its Neighbours: Common Visions of Order or Hidden Contests?
  • Sept 2011 – ISA-APR Brisbane ‘ASEAN as a Part of a Nested Security Community
  • June 2011 – ACPS Conference London ‘China’s Roles in a Multi-polar World
  • May 2011 – Liberal Way of War Program Pluralism Workshop ‘China’s Role in a Pluralising World
  • Apr 2011 - PSA PGN ‘Caged China - Perception or Reality?
  • Dec 2010 - PSA PGN ‘China and the Liberal World Order
  • Apr 2010 - China Postgraduate Network Conference ‘Different Interpretations of the Rise of China and how it will impact on the Liberal World Order