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Abby Kendrick

Senior Teaching Fellow

Room: S1.48A

Advice and feedback hours: Summer Vacation by appointment - please email me to arrange a meeting

I am Senior Teaching Fellow in Political Economy and Director of Personal Development for PPE. Before joining PAIS, I was Lecturer in Political Economy at New York University, Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia, and taught in the Department of Economics at Warwick, where I also received my Ph.D in 2015.

My research and teaching crosses politics, philosophy and economics in the areas of international institutions, human rights and the political economy of public policy. I am also interested in the nature of the individual in politics and economics, as well as exploring key methodological issues at the intersection of the three PPE disciplines. I have consulted on women’s human rights and quantitative methodologies for UK and international policy, working with organisations such as the Civil Justice Council and UN Human Rights.


  • PH336: Principles of Political Economy - Economics and Politics
  • PO131: World Politics