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PhD Project

Ideas in Motion: The IMF and the World Bank in Collaborative Global Governance (working title)

'Collaboration is much more than co-existing and not standing on each other's toes.'
— Pedro Malan et al. 2007, Report of the External Review Committee on Bank-Fund Collaboration, p. 7

My PhD project examines the collaboration between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Arguably the two leading international economic organisations of our time, they collaborate across various policy areas and at various organisational levels. The focus of the research rests on understanding the micro-level dynamics of ideas creation and promotion within and across the two organisations. A critical part of the empirical analysis will thus be to examine various stages in the flow of ideas: what ideas each organisation feeds into the site of collaboration; how the ideas are interpreted collaboratively; which ideas feed back into each organisation in what form and under what conditions; and how these ideas are subsequently re-interpreted and employed.

Acknowledgement of funding: The University of Warwick funds my PhD studies with a 3.5-year 'Giving to Warwick' DARO Scholarship (amounting to more than £60,000).