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Francesca Melhuish


Francesca Melhuish is a PhD Candidate (PAIS Fellow). She has an MA in International Political Economy from the University of Warwick and a BA (MA Oxon) in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford. Francesca's research intersects the sub-disciplines of British Politics, EU Studies, and International Relations/International Political Economy.


The Affective Politics of Eurosceptic Discourse: Moods and Modes of Nostalgia in the Vote Leave Campaign

My thesis examines the role of moods and modes of nostalgia in the discourses of the Vote Leave campaign during the Brexit referendum of 2016. The thesis draws on an extensive empirical base, including archival documents, social media data and interviews with those at the heart of the campaign. It historicises the development of Britain’s Eurosceptic traditions and proceeds to investigate Vote Leave’s adaptation of three persistent discursive strands that reveal the workings of imperial and colonial, Powellite, and institutional varieties of nostalgia. By exploring questions relating to the temporal, spatial, affective, aesthetic and communicative dynamics of nostalgia, the thesis enhances our understanding of Eurosceptic discourse. As such, it contributes to the extant Euroscepticism literature which has overlooked the role of nostalgia and political emotions in general. The thesis also illuminates and extends existing debates on broader themes, such as the politics of ‘crisis’, economic ideas and everyday Britishness.


Professor Vicki Squire

Dr Gabriel Siles-Brügge

Other research projects

Francesca is also a Research Assistant on the British Academy project 'Humorous States: New Diplomacy and the Rise of Comedy in IR', led by Dr James Brassett and Dr Chris Browning.


Melhuish, F 2016, 'Why Do We Need a Gender Analysis in International Political Economy?', E-IR 


In 2017/18 & 2018/19 Francesca was a seminar tutor for PO133 Foundations of Political Economy.


From January 2016 to December 2017 Francesca worked as a Research Project Officer and Research Grants Administrator for Professor Tom Sorell and the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group. She has particular expertise in research project management, research proposal development, and workshop/conference organisation.

Francesca has also previously worked in the administration of teaching at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, and in student professional development at Coventry University.

Fran Melhuish

PhD Candidate (PAIS Fellow)

F dot Melhuish at warwick dot ac dot uk