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* Historical Consulant, International Spy Museum (Washington DC), 2011-.

Was involved in the exhibition, 'Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of James Bond Villians'.

Reviews of exhibition: New York Times; Washington Post; Huffington Post; and Washingtonian.

With the exhibition's official opening in November, I gave interviews to 9 News Now; Fox News; and France 24.

* As part of my involvement on the AHRC 'Landscapes of Secrecy' project, I have given talks to practitioners at The Ministry of Dfence, the Cabinet Office and the D-Notice Committee.

* My first book, Classified: Secrecy and the State in Modern Britain, has been featured in the Spectator, Readers Digest, and the Guardian.

* My research spawned a number of BBC Radio 4 documentaries, including one on US codebreaker Herbert Yardley, and another on a post-war journalist who nearly exposed the secrets of Blecthley Park 30 years before they were revealed to the public.



Celebrating 50 Years of James Bond at the British Ambassador's Residence in Georgetown, with British Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott, former MI5 Director Dame Stella Rimington, and International Spy Museum Executive Director Peter Earnest.