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Victoria Pereyra-Iraola

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PhD Candidate


PhD Candidate at the University of Warwick.

International Chancellor Scholarship.

Prior to my PhD, I obtained an MA in Gender and International Development at the University of Warwick (completed with distinction), as a Chevening scholar. I also have a Postgraduate Course on Social Policy from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) and a BA in International Relations from the Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


My research focuses on gender and incarceration in Argentina. I look at struggles that families (mainly women) and those imprisoned perform against the imprisonment regime (including prisons but also judicial authorities). Based on research conducted in but mainly around different prisons in the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and its outskirts, and building from the Foucaldian concept of counter-conduct, I analyse the role (im)mobilities as both an integral part of these struggles and an element of governmentality. The thesis reflects on the role that carceral (im)mobilities have on the gendered way in which penal and reproductive work is experienced in and around prisons, as well as on how (im)mobilities are employed as a resource to struggle against the deployment of prisons as ‘warehouses’ while at the same time play a key role in the expansion of carceral forms of power and exclusion.

My research interests include carcerality and political geography; gender and feminist political economy; social movements and resistance; the politics of families, sexualities and social policies; decolonial feminist studies and; Latin American everyday politics.

I'm currently working on different publications based on my thesis research, including a chapter on feminist carcerality, a review of (im)mobility studies for Latin America (to be published in Spanish) and a chapter on families of those imprisoned (for a larger book published by Routledge), among other journal publications.


Peer-reviewed journals

  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. “Movilidades en torno al espacio carcelario: relaciones de género y gobernabilidad en cárceles federales en la Argentina”. Revista Transporte y Territorio. No. 16. ISSN 1852-7175. Indexed in Latindex. Forthcoming in 2017.
  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola and Zenobi, Diego. 2016. Familiares de detenidos y abogados de derechos humanos. Trayectorías en la construcción de una causa pública. Revista Runa 37 (2). Indexed in Cite-factor and Latindex.
  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. 2010. “Programas de empleo transitorio y cuidado infantil: ¿liberación y/o sobrecarga? Prácticas de Oficio. No. 6. Agosto de 2010. ISSN 1851-6076. Indexed in Latindex.

Chapters in edited books

  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. Social reproduction: from welfare to the global prison? in Juanita Elias and Adrienne Roberts (editors). The Edward Elgar Handbook of International Political Economy & Gender. Forthcoming in 2017.

Papers presented at conferences

  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. “Gender appropriation and carceral politics.” Anti-Carceral Feminism. A workshop on intersectional abolitionist justice. October 2016, Johannesbourg, South Africa.
  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. “Gobernabilidad en torno a la circulación de familiares en cárceles federales en la Argentina. GT 25. Movilidad espacial, regulación social y gobernabilidad. Montevideo, Reunión de Antropología del Mercosur (RAM) XI. December 2015, Uruguay.
  • Diego Zenobi y Victoria Pereyra Iraola. “Familiares de detenidos y expertos del derecho: trayectorias y carreras militantes en la construcción de una causa pública”. in GT 40. Políticas públicas en seguridad, justicia y derechos humanos: etnografias de las burocracias estatales y de los procesos de demanda de derechos. Montevideo, Reunión de Antropología del Mercosur (RAM) XI. December 2015, Uruguay.
  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. La multiplicidad del “espacio” carcelario y las relaciones de género: reflexiones a partir del caso federal en la Argentina. Quinto panel del Coloquio Internacional “Pensar las cárceles en América Latina”. April 2014, Lima, Peru.
  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. Imprisonment in Argentina: reflections after the 2001 economic and political crisis. Panel “Argentina since the 2001 crisis: recovering the past, reclaiming the future” SLAS Conference. Birkbeck University, London, England, April 2014.
  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. The postcolonial prison: race and gender in the representation of incarcerated people in written mediain Argentina. Seminar “Punishment, Citizenship and Identity: reflections on the foreign national prisoners”. Criminology Department, University of Oxford. March 2014.
  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. “What makes them grievable? Incarcerated women and printed press in Argentina 2001-2011”. Presented at PILAS Conference, Oxford University, United Kingdom, June 2012.

Previous books (on social policy)

  • Victoria Pereyra Iraola. 2010. Rendición de cuentas y programas sociales: el caso de los programas de transferencias condicionadas en América Latina. CIPPEC, Argentina.

Department: Politics and International Studies

Teaching: World Politics (PO131)

Supervisors: Shirin Rai and Nick Vaughan-Williams.

Funding Awards: International Chancellor Scholarship and Travel Grant from the Society of Latin American Studies in the United Kingdom. Prior to my Phd, Chevening Scholarship (MA) and Universidad de San Andrés Scholarship (BA).

Contact Details:, V dot Pereyra-Iraola at warwick dot ac dot uk