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Tom Pettinger

Dr Tom Pettinger is a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick working in critical security studies. His research explores (in)security, violence, and conflict from an interdisciplinary perspective - drawing on international relations, geography, and sociology. His work is concerned with rethinking the ways that security is perceived and enacted, and increasingly with asking how (in)security structures modernity/coloniality.

Tom examined the UK's widely-lauded Prevent 'counter-radicalization' programme for his doctoral studies, asking in particular why the scheme is not deployed in Northern Ireland - the one region in the UK where it might appear most needed. He conducted over 50 research interviews with Prevent officials, Channel 'de-radicalization' mentors, former terrorism offenders from the Troubles, and peace workers from Northern Ireland. Tom is currently working on the Research Council of Norway's RIPPLES project, examining how states respond to 'terror' - and the implications of this response for bodies, local spaces, and the rule of law. He is also working on Neoliberal Terror, investigating the implementation of preemptive security measures across Europe.

Tom is a Fellow of the UK's Higher Education Academy. He has taught postgraduate and undergraduate Critical Security modules at Oxford Brookes University, and undergraduate international relations modules at Warwick University, alongside his research.

Journal Articles

(2020) British terrorism preemption: Subjectivity and disjuncture in Channel ‘de-radicalization’ interventions, British Journal of Sociology, Vol. 71

(2020) CTS and normativity: The essentials of preemptive counter-terrorism interventions, Critical Terrorism Studies, Vol. 13

(2017) De-Radicalization and Counter-Radicalization: Valuable Tools for Combating Violent Extremism, or Harmful Methods of Subjugation?, Journal for De-Radicalization, Vol. 12

(2015) What Is the Impact of Foreign Military Intervention on Radicalization?, Journal for De-Radicalization, Vol. 5

Other articles

(2020) Examining Prevent from a former combatant perspective, Radicalization and Counter-Radicalization, edited by Derek Silva and Mathieu Deflem, Emerald Publishing

(2020) Book Review: ‘Encountering Extremism’, in Critical Terrorism Studies

(Forthcoming 2021) "The end of presumed innocence? What government ‘radicalization prevention’ film tells us about the law," in National Security, The Official Record and the Rule of Law: Democratic Case Studies, edited by Pete Finn, Manchester University Press