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PhD supervision

Current supervision
  • Nick Kotucha (start date: 2019) (co-supervision with Prof Ben Clift)

    Title of project: Understanding the changing role of experts in macroprudential regime building: A comparative investigation of recent developments in Germany and the UK

Completed PhDs
  • Dr Xiaojing Ye (completion date: 2021) (co-supervision with Prof Shaun Breslin)
    Title of project: Understanding the International Involvement of China's Subnational Governments: Case Study of Zhejiang and Yunnan Province
  • Dr Francesca Melhuish (completion date: 2021) (co-supervision with Prof Vicki Squire)

    Title of project: "There is no status quo": ‘Crisis’ and Nostalgia in the Vote Leave Campaign

  • Dr (Moch) Faisal Karim (completion date: 2018) (co-supervision with Dr Lena Rethel)
    Title of project: Contested Foreign Policy: Status-Seeking and Indonesia’s Regional and Global Engagement

Prospective PhD students

I am interested in supervising PhD students in a broad range of areas in EU politics and European and International Political Economy, including:

  • The politics of trade and investment agreements;
  • Constructivist political economy;
  • The role of emotions in political economy;
  • The politics of quantification;
  • Civil society contestation of globalisation;
  • The political economy of Brexit.