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Approaches to World Order

Robert W. Cox with Timothy J. Sinclair
Cambridge University Press, 1996.


Robert Cox’s writings have had a profound influence on recent developments in thinking in world politics and political economy in many countries. This book brings together for the first time his most important essays, grouped around the theme of world order. The volume is divided into sections dealing respectively with theory; with the application of Cox’s approach to recent changes in world political economy; and with multilateralism and the problem of global governance. The book also includes a critical review of Cox’s work by Timothy Sinclair, and an essay by Cox tracing his own intellectual journey. This volume will be an essential guide to Robert Cox’s critical approach to world politics for students and teachers of international relations, international political economy, and international organisation.


Part I. Overviews:
1. Beyond international relations theory: Robert W. Cox and approaches to world order Timothy J. Sinclair;
2. Influences and commitments;
Part II. Theory:
3. The idea of international labour regulation;
4. Realism, positivism;
5. On thinking about future world order;
6. Social forces, states and world orders;
7. Gramsci, hegemony and international relations: an essay in method;
8. Towards a post-hegemonic conceptualisation of world-order: reflections on the relevancy of Ibn Khaldun;
9. ‘Take six eggs’: theory, finance, and the real economy in the work of Susan Strange;
Part III. Interpretations:
10. The global political economy and social choice;
11. ‘Real socialism’ in historical perspective;
12. Structural issues of global governance: implications for Europe;
13. Middlepowermanship, Japan, and future world order;
14. Production and security;
15. Global perestroika;
Part IV. Multilateralism:
16. The executive head: an essay on leadership in international organisation;
17. Decision making with Harold K. Jacobsen;
18. Ideologies and the new international economic order: reflection on some recent literature;
19. Labour and hegemony;
20. Labour and hegemony: a reply;
21. Multilateralism and world order;
22. Globalisation, multilateralism and democracy.