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Think Tank Traditions

Think Tank Traditions: Policy Research and the Politics of Ideas (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2004) Co-editor with Andrew Denham



Think tank traditions is a follow up to the critically acclaimed monograph Think tanks across nations (MUP, 1998), edited by the same authors, which was widely acknowledged as a ground-breaking work in the comparative study of think tanks.

The book looks at the historical role and contemporary significance of think tanks in the West, including Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as considering their activities in China, Eastern Europe and Argentina. In so doing, the book provides a broad-based and in-depth analysis of the role of think tanks in the processes of economic liberalisation and democratisation.

As well as analysing think tank activities on a country-by-country basis, three new chapters focus on levels of think tank operation and activity above and beyond the nation-state, including the European Union, and, on a more general level, diplomatic relations and foreign policy.

By addressing these broad and increasingly important dimensions of think tank activity, the book will have considerable appeal among students of comparative politics, public policy and international affairs.


1. Introduction Think tanks, policy advice and governance - Diane Stone

Part I The international dimension

2. Institutes of International Affairs in foreign policy making, opinion mobilisation and unofficial diplomacy - Inderjeet Parmar

3. Think tanks beyond nation states - Diane Stone

4. European Union think tanks: Generating ideas, analysis and debate - Heidi Ullrich

Part II European think tank traditions

5. Think tanks in Germany - Martin Thunert

6. Italy: Think tanks and the political system - Sonia Lucarelli and Claudio M. Radaelli

7. French think tanks in comparative perspective - Catherine Fieschi and John Gaffney

8. Think tanks, post communism and democracy in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe - Mark Sandle

Part III Think tanks in democratic development and economic transition

9. The Chinese tradition of policy research institutes - Ming Chen Shai with Diane Stone

10. Think tanks in Japan: A new alternative - Makiko Ueno

11. Think tanks and Malaysian development - Su Ming Khoo

12. Think tanks in developing countries: Lessons from Argentina - Miguel Braun, Antonio Cicioni and Nicholas J. Durote

Part IV The Anglo-American tradition

13. The business of ideas: A look at the think tank industry in the United States - Don Abelson

14. A ‘hollowed out’ tradition? British think tanks in the twenty-first century - Andrew Denham and Mark Garnett

15. Australian think tanks - Ian Marsh and Diane Stone

16. Three decades of Canadian think tanks: Evolving institutions, conditions and strategies - Evert A. Lundqvist

Afterword Soft power, global agendas - William Wallace