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Diane Stone has been teaching either 'Global Networks', 'International Political Economy', 'Public Policy' and 'International Relations Theory' at the graduate level in PAIS since 2009.

For Warwick Business School from 1999-2010 she has taught a one-week modular course in Washington DC., 'American Governance and Public Policy in a Global Context' as well as another in the UK on the Warwick campus called 'Globalisation and Governance'.

As a Visiting Professor since 2004, Diane Stone has taught from time to time in the Department/School of Public Policy at the Central European University; including a compulsory doctoral course 'Public Policy: Theories, Traditions and Transitions', a compulsory MA course, 'Public Policy Processes and Analysis' and another MA course, 'Between Markets and States: The Global Rise of Policy Networks'.

In Australia, she teaches on the MA and Graduate Diploma Programmes in Public Policy and Administration for the Institue of Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra, which is ranked by the League of Scholars to be No: 1 in Australia for 'public administration' research, and No: 22 globally. Previously in the Sir Walter School of Public Policy and International Affairs, she taught 2013-15 graduate units on 'Network Governance', 'Policy Design' and on 'Global Governance and International Institutions'.

As a 'deliverable' for the H2020 EL-CSID consortium, she will be designing a new module for PAIS on the 'New Diplomacy and Public Service'.