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Kailing Xie

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Teaching Fellow
Room: E1.15

Advice and feedback hours (Term Time Only):

Wednesday 11:00-12:00 & Thursday 10:00-11:00  

Please join the meeting on Microsoft Team at your time slot. There might be some delay due to previous meetings, I will call you back as soon as possible. Please email to arrange an alternative time to meet if you are unable to meet during these hours.

Dr Kailing Xie is the Course Director for UG Module Gender and International Development and MA Module East Asian Development: National and regional perspectives. She is also a Fellow in recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education.

She joined PAIS from University of York, where she completed her PhD. Her work investigates the underlying social, cultural and political tensions underpinning China’s economic success through the lens of gender. Her recent monography, Embodying middle class gender aspirations: perspectives from China’s privileged young women, illuminates the centrality of heterosexual marriage as a primary institution in the organisation and reproduction of labour for the market economy, imbued with gendered inequality. Her broader research interests include feminist approaches to social justice, inequality, and race and nationalism.

She has written short pieces including "A Fulfilled Life? Young Mothers Under the Two-Child Policy'' on WAGIC and “‘Her China Dream’: The Aspiration of China’s Privileged Daughters” on Discover Society. She was invited to speak about Chinese women and the two-child policy at the Southbank Centre, London and WOW Women of the World Festival 2018.

She was awarded the 2017 Early Career Researcher Prize by the British Association for Chinese Studies for her article ‘Premarital abortion, what is the harm? The Responsibilisation of women’s pregnancy among China’s ‘privileged’ daughters’.

Kailing has recently won the Warwick University's City of Culture Award 2019-2020 to work on her project Making Alien-land Home-land ’且认他乡作故乡’: A Visual documentation of Chinese communities in Coventry

This project is designed to find the lost voices and faces of Chinese people living in Coventry, their life stories in the city and beyond, especially their sense of identity and belonging(s). Through presenting a visual exhibition as a result of this project, it promotes cross-cultural understanding of different ethnic groups in Coventry. Throughout China’s long history, poets, writers and literati alike have written numerous essays and poems lamenting the emotional agony experienced as a result of the physical separation of the lonely wanderer ‘游子’from their homeland‘家乡’. The very concept of home, ‘jia’ 家is deep rooted in Chinese cultural’ s understanding of one’s sense of belonging and relations to those around them. ‘Jiaxiang’ 家乡 (hometown), the collective entity consists of various families living in one geographical location, contains the basic recognition of one’s identity and reflects the embryonic understanding of one’s relationship to the wider society. Within this cultural framework, analysing the key anchors of belonging and understanding of ‘home’ at both individual and societal levels helps to reveal people’s senses of obligation and responsibility to that particular place and its people. Consequently, the project has the potential to facilitate grassroots activities that would bring benefits to the local communities, forging links and building partnerships that improve the lived experience of the people and create social cohesion in the city.

As part of this project, l've organise an online exhibition to tell the hidden stories from Chinese communities in the city, our ‘home buildings processes’ in an ‘alien land’, focusing on our sense of (dis)belonging in the city through the angle of food. More info, please click:

New Monograph: Xie, K. (2021). 'Embodying Middle Class Gender Aspirations: Perspectives from China's Privileged Young Women.' Palgrave Macmillan, in the Gender, Sexualities and Culture in Asia series.

Recent Publications:

Xie, K. and Zhou, Y. (2021). The Cultural Politics of National Tragedies and Personal Sacrifice State Narratives of China's 'Ordinary Heroes' of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Made in China Journal. vol. 6 (1).

Tu, M. and Xie, K. (2020). Privileged daughters? Gendered mobility among highly educated Chinese female migrants in the UK. Social Inclusion, 8(2), pp.68-76.

Chasing happiness: The role of marriage in the aspiration of success among China’s middle class women in the edited collection of Romantic relationships in a time of cold intimacies”’ by J. Carter & L. Arocha. Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan in the Family and Intimate Life series, 2020.

Xie, K. (2019). The Naturalisation of Motherhood Within Marriage and its Implications for Chinese Academic Women. The British Journal of Chinese Studies, vol. 9 (1), Jan 2019: 59-84.

Xie, K. (2018). Premarital Abortion—What is the Harm? The Responsibilisation of Women’s Pregnancy Among China’s “Privileged” Daughters. The British Journal of Chinese Studies, vol. 8 (1), Jan 2018: 1-31.(ECR Prize by BACS)


  • Journal Article: Xie, K. (2021). The Affective life of the Nanjing massacre: Re-activating historical trauma in governing contemporary China. Journal of Ethnographic Theory, in Press.

Kailing’s Twitter: @joykailingxie