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Chang Zhang

Chang Profile photo

PhD Candidate

Associate Tutor

Teaching 2019/20

PO222 Politics of Contemporary China

Chang Zhang is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick. She holds a master degree in Media and Communication from Sciencespo Paris and Fudan University (Double Degree) and a BA in International Relations from Fudan University.


Thesis working title

Authoritarian contra-flow: A comparative study of China's and Russia's English-Language International broadcasting

Doctoral research

Chang’s research focuses on China and Russia’s international broadcaster CGTN and RT. As the State-funded external-oriented news media, CGTN and RT represent the East’s talking back to Western media hegemony as well as the emerging non-Western states’ public diplomacy ambition. Transcending the traditional propaganda paradigm, she found that the current authoritarian contra-flow media strives to provide alternative geopolitical imaginations versus the dominant Western-centric media narratives. The two outlets develop divergent communication styles rooted in different media-state relationship, organizational cultures, and contextualized journalism culture. This research aims to provide a novel angle to conceptualize the emerging Authoritarian states’ external communication initiatives and contextualize the increasingly fiercer narrative contestation along with the looming East-West divide.

Chang's research is supervised by Dr Philippe Blanchard and Dr Alexandra Homolar.


Krickovic, A., & Zhang, C. (2020). Fears of Falling Short versus Anxieties of Decline: Explaining Russia and China’s Approach to Status-Seeking. The Chinese Journal of International Politics, 13(2), 219–251.

Zhang, C., & Wu, R. (2019). Battlefield of global ranking: How do power rivalries shape soft power index building? Global Media and China, 4(2), 179–202.

Shen, G., Fan, X., & Zhang, C. (2019). 争夺话语权:中俄国家电视台在社交媒体上的话语传播 (Contesting for discursive power: Content analysis of China and Russia’s TV channels’ digital discourse). 新闻记者 (News Journalist), 04, 65–77.

Book Chapter

Chang, Z. (2018). 第五章: 互联网与国际社会运动(Chapter5: Internet and global social movement). In G. Shen (沈国麟) (Ed.), 互联网与全球传播:理论与案例 (Internet and global communication: theories and cases). 复旦大学出版社.


Zhang, C., & Ingersleben-Seip, N. von. (2019, July 8). US-China trade war is making China stronger. The Conversation.


Conference papers and presentation

Zhang, C., & Zhang, J. (2018, April 7). Redefining Global Norms with Authoritarian Media Contra-Flow: Russia’s strategic communication in the US 2016 Election. at The 59th Annual Conference of the International Studies Association, San Francisco, USA.

Zhang, C. (2018, October 18). Conflicting Stories of international crisis: Russia Today’s alternative narratives for the Ukraine crisis. Warwick Graduate Conference in Security Studies ‘Post-Truth Politics and the Age of Insecurity’, Coventry.

Zhang, C. (2017). Russia and China discourse resistance: A discourse analysis of RT and CGTN during the Ukraine crisis. Seminar on Chinese Worlds in comparative perspective., London School of Economics.