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East Asian Development: National and Regional Perspectives (PO9B4)

This module introduces you to the study of East Asian Development (focusing on both the Northeast and Southeast Asian regions). You will examine how and why this part of the world has, in general, experienced such impressive economic growth and considers the social transformations that have accompanied this important global shift.

In this module, you will first look at the historical and cultural factors that have influenced economic change in the region. Then the module turns to consider how various scholars have identified the state – specifically the ‘developmental state’ – as central to the region’s economic transformation. Finally, the economic transformation of Asian economies is located within an analysis of the changing regional political economy –specifically the rise of regional political institutions and frameworks such as ASEAN.

The module will, therefore (a) introduce you to various approaches to the study of East Asian Development, (b) enable you to make meaningful comparisons between the development trajectories of states in Northeast and Southeast Asia, and (c) enable you to situate an understanding of Northeast and Southeast Asian development within a regional context.

East Asian Development: National and Regional Perspectives

Module Director:

Olivia Cheung

CATS: 20