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Engendered Development in a Global Age?

Shirin Rai

CSGR Working Paper No. 20/98

December 1998



In this paper I raise issues about the ways in which globalisation is taking shape in the material world of economy, together with the changing rhetoric and repertoires of social and cultural worlds, and where and how are men and women situated within these changing and yet familiar worlds. I examine some current debates on the various levels of governance - the national, the international and the local. I suggest that a gendered analysis of the issues raised in these debates is important to examine the new opportunities opened up by the processes of globalisation, and those that are closed off for both women and men. I conclude by examining how gender mediates with social positioning, the trajectory of the struggles within/between national sovereign states, the homogenising forces of marketisation, and the success, or otherwise, of increasingly international social movements, and is important part of our understanding of globalisation.


Keywords: globalisation, nation-state, the local, global governance, markets, social movements.