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Our Impact Advisory Board

Our Impact Advisory Board provides direct advice on how to engage with impact communities. We take advice from our main audiences in order to make sure that our research is fit for purpose, and so that it can be meaningful, approachable, and valuable.

We believe that our research should benefit society and culture, and that its primary users should inform and critique our research throughout its lifecycle. We aim to consult with key beneficiaries from research design to final evaluation in order to test that our research is fit for purpose.

To this end, we established the Politics and International Studies Impact Advisory Board, chaired by former Secretary of State for Defence Rt. Hon Bob Ainsworth MP, with representatives from:

  • Media / Journalism: Heather Brooke, Professor of Jounralism, City University (London)
  • Business: Dr Cho Khong, Director of Political Analysis, Shell International
  • Local government: Helen Braithwaite OBE, Head of Central Resilience Team, Department for Communities and Local Government
  • National: Catherine Fieschi, Founder and Executive Director of Counterpoint
  • Regional: Ian Kearns, Co-Founder of the European Leadership Network
  • International: John McClaughin, Former (Interim) Director of the CIA
  • Civil society: Elisa Peters, Senior Policy Officer, The Elders
  • Arts and culture: Paul Warwick, Director, China Plate Theatre

bob_photo.jpgI hope and believe that the Impact Advisory Board will be able to assist in ensuring that the expertise and research capability available at the University of Warwick has the maximum relevance and positive impact on policy.

-Rt. Hon Bob Ainsworth MP, Chair

Our first meeting took place at The House of Commons in June 2013