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Previous Years

TERM 3 (2013-14)

Week 1 (Friday 25 April) Dan Godshaw (Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation) 'Keeping Memories: reflections on a community oral history project with the Rwandan diaspora'Please note change of date and venue: Friday 25 April, 5pm, Social Sciences S0.20
Week 2 (Thursday 1 May) Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP (The Secretary of State for International Development) GRP International Development Annual Public Lecture.

Please note change of day and venue: Zeeman Building

Please click here to register

Week 3 (7 May) Ben Clift & André Broome (University of Warwick) Joint Book Launch by Ben Clift (Author of Comparative Political Economy) & André Broome (Author of Issues & Actors in the Global Political Economy) - Discussants: Andrew Gamble and John Hobson

Please note change of venue: B0.01 (Scarman Road Building)

Week 4 (Tuesday 13 May) Professor Philippe Schmitter (European University Institute) “Thoughts on the Future of 'Real-Existing' Democracy.”

SEMINAR: Please note change of day, time and venue: 12pm - 1.30pm, S0.19 Social Sciences

MASTERCLASS: 14 May 10am-12pm, Wolfson Exchange (3), University of Warwick, Library, please click here to register.
Week 4 (14 May) Wyn Grant (University of Warwick) 'You have not changed anything we do': the challenges of interacting with policy-makers
Week 5 (21 May) Tom Kiedrowski (The Cedar Tree Advisory Service Ltd. (CTAS))
‘European and UK policy-making: when theory meets practice’
Week 6 Reading Week (no seminar)
Week 7 (4 June) Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary) 'Decolonising the Manifesto: Communism and the Slave Analogy' Please note change of venue: S0.19 (Next door to S0.18)
Week 8 (11 June) V Spike Peterson (University of Arizona) 'Loving Exclusions: How Marriage Breeds Sex/Gender, Race, Class and State/Nation Inequalities'.
Please note change of venue:S0.19 (Next door to S0.18)
Week 9 (18 June) Mathew Bishop (University of West Indies) Hegemonic transitions in the Caribbean: China and the Post-Atlantic FuturePlease note change of venue: S0.19 (Next door to S0.18)
Week 10 (25 June) TBC TBC

TERM 2 (2013-14)

Week 1 (8 January) Jennifer Brinkerhoff (George Washington University) The In-Between Advantage: Diaspora Entrepreneurs and Institutional Reform
Week 2 (15 January) Maria Koinova (University of Warwick) Book Launch: Ethnonationalist Conflicts in Postcommunist States: Varieties of Governance in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Kosovo
Week 3 (22 January) Laura Morales (University of Leicester) External shocks and governmental responsiveness to public opinion. A case study of nuclear energy policy after the Fukushima disaster
Week 4 (29 January) Shirin Rai (University of Warwick) Political Performance: A Framework for Analysing Democratic Politics
Week 5 (5 February) Liam Clegg (University of York) The Bretton Woods Institutions as Multilevel Governance Networks
Week 6 Reading Week (no seminar)
Week 7 (19 February) Michael Saward (University of Warwick) Rethinking representation PLEASE NOTE: Later start time of 5pm
Week 8 (26 February) Graham Smith (University of Westminster) Deliberative Systems and the Ideal of Deliberative Democracy
Week 9 (5 March) Stuart White (University of Oxford) The Relevance of Republicanisms
Week 10 (12 March)  Miwa Hirono (University of Nottingham) Is China a ‘responsible’ state in its international post-disaster and humanitarian assistance?

TERM 1 (2013-14)

Week 1 (2 October) Aletta Norval (University of Essex) CRIPS Annual Lecture: Embodiment, Acknowledgement and Political Imagination
Week 2 (9 October) Juanita Elias (University of Warwick) Activism and the Challenges of Realising Women's Rights in Malaysia: Or... why bother with rights?
Week 3 (16 October) Stuart Elden (University of Warwick) The Birth of Territory
Week 4 (23 October) Astrid Nordin (University of Lancaster) Time, Space and Multiplicity in China's Harmonious World
Week 5 (30 October) Vivienne Jabri (Kings College London) The International, Cosmopolitan wars and Postcolonial Resistance
Week 6 Reading Week (no seminar)
Week 7 (13 November) Charlotte Heath-Kelly (University of Warwick) Politics of Violence: Militancy, International Politics, Killing in the Name
Week 8 (20 November) Jörg Wiegratz (University of Leeds) From Fake to Civic Capitalism? Corporate Fraud, Moral Economy and IPE
Week 9 (27 November) Dora Kostakopoulou (University of Warwick, School of Law) Institutional Constructivism
Week 10 (4 December) Nicolas Bouchet (Chatham House) Power, Opportunity and the Trajectory of US Democracy Promotion



Details of 2012-13 Seminars are below:

TERM 3 (2012-13)

Week 3 (8 May)

Paul Ingram (Executive Director of BASIC)

The Global Politics of Nuclear Weapons: all mouth and no trousers

Week 4 (15 May)

Mark Beeson (Murdoch University)

Balancing powers, juggling priorities: Australia contemplates its strategic and economic options

Week 5 (22 May)

Alastair Kirk (Warwick Chaplain)

Advocating change to the sanctions regime in Iraq. Using household foood security research to identify dependence on food rationing

Week 7 (5 June)

Lee Webster (Womenkind Worldwide)

From the ground up: Women's role in peacebuilding

Week 10 (26 June)

Ben Thirkell-White (Victoria University of Wellington) Publicity and global financial governance: what can we learn from the "British Dilemma"?


TERM 2 (2012-13)

Week 1 (9 January) Joel Quirk (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg) Human Trafficking: Severely Flawed Yet Remarkably Successful
Week 2 (16 January) CANCELLED - Speaker unavailable  
Week 3 Graduation (no seminar)  
Week 4 (30 January) Maria Koinova (Warwick) Diasporas and Contested Sovereignty. ERC Project Design and Preliminary Findings on the Mobilization of the Albanian, Armenian, and Palestinian Diasporas in the UK
NOTE: Change of room S0.19
Week 5 (6 February) Amnon Aran (City University)
From Cold Peace to Strategic Peace and Back? Egyptian foreign policy towards Israel since 1979.
Week 6 Reading Week (no seminar)
Week 7 (20 February) - CANCELLED Prof Salwa Ismail (SOAS) Violence and Government in Syria - CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS
Week 8 (27 February) Heather Savigny (UEA) Women, Universities and Zombies
NOTE 4.30pm start time
Week 9 (6 March) Lene Hansen (University of Copenhagen) Visual Securitization: Taking Security Studies from the Word to the Image.
Week 10 (13 March)  Sherrill Stroschein (UCL) Ethnic Struggle, Coexistence, and Democratization


TERM 1 (2012-13)

Week 1 (3 October) Stuart Elden (Durham University) CRIPS Annual Lecture: Shakespeare and Territory
Week 2 (10 October) Ellis Krauss (University of California, San Diego) What's Wrong with Japan? It's the Politics LATE START at 5.15pm
Week 3 (17 October) Graham Harrison (University of Sheffield) The heterodox development politics of African States
Week 4 (24 October) Rita Floyd (University of Birmingham) Just and Unjust Desecuritization
Week 5 (31 October) David L. Blaney (Macalester College) Liberal Harmony/Theodicy in Smith
Week 6 Reading Week (no seminar)
Week 7 (14 November) Oliver Richmond (University of Manchester) Failed Statebuilding and Peace Formation
Week 8 (21 November) Adam Quinn (University of Birmingham) and Warwick Experts ROUNDTABLE: Assessing the 2012 US Elections
Week 9 (28 November) Oliver Daddow (Leicester University) INAUGURAL ROGER DUCLAUD-WILLIAMS MEMORIAL LECTURE: Rupert Murdoch and the Rise of Euroscepticism in the British Media
Week 10 (5 December) Alexander Smith (University of Warwick, Sociology) War on the Right: American Politics and Religion in the 2012 Elections



Details of 2011-12 Seminars are below:

TERM 3 (2011-12)

Week 1 (Mon, 23 April) 4-5.30pm Taro Kono (Liberal Democratic Party, Japan) Political Leadership: People and Power in the UK and Japan
Week 2 (Wed, 2 May) 4-5.30pm R0.14 Ramphal Alastair Kirk (University of Warwick) Emergency Relief and Peacebuilding in the Midst of Conflict
Week 3 (Wed, 9 May) 4-5.30pm R0.14 Ramphal Inderjeet Parmar (University of Manchester) Foundations of the American Century
Week 10 (Tue, 26 June) 2-4pm S0.19 Social Sciences Ryan Walter (Australian National University) The Rise of a National Economic Interest


TERM 2 (2011-12)

Week 1 (11 January) Sir Robert Worcester

Elections, US, and UK
Week 2 (18 January)  Graduation (No Seminars)  
Week 3 (25 Januar) Martin Coward (Newcastle University) Network Thinking and the Normalization of a Politics Beyond Ethico-Legal Constraints
Week 4 (1 February) Gulcin Lelandais (CSGR, University of Warwick) Identity Politics, Citizenship, and Resistance in Turkey
Week 5 (8 February) Laleh Khalili (SOAS) START: 4.45pm  The Uses of Happiness in Counterinsurgencies START: 4.45pm
Week 6 Reading Week - No Seminar
Week 7 (22 February) William D. Hartung (Center for International Policy, NY) The Military-Industrial Complex and the Decline of American Power
Week 8 (29 February)
Start: 4.30pm
Shogo Suzuki (University of Manchester) The prospects for Sino-Japanese reconcilitation: can anti-Japanese popular nationalism in China be ameliorated?
Week 9 (7 March) Lincoln Allison (University of Brighton) Is the Baron (Still) Spinning in His Grave: Olympic Values and Olympic Politics
Week 10 (14 March) Richard Youngs (FRIDE & University of Warwick) How Will the Euro Crisis Affect the EU's Role in the World?


TERM 1 (2011-12)

Week 1 (5 October) Ian Bruff (University of Manchester) CRIPS Annual Lecture: IPE and the Neglect of Critical Social Theory
Week 2 (10 October) John Dryzek (Australian National University) Deliberative Democracy and Global Climate Governance
Week 2 (12 October) Leslie Green (University of Oxford) Law-PAIS Joint Seminar: What is freedom for?
Week 3 (19 October) Lena Rethel (University of Warwick) Islamic Finance and the Global Financial Crisis
Week 4 (26 October) Mathew Humphrey (University of Nottingham)
Marc Stears (University College Oxford)
Respect, Judgement and Democratic Politics
Week 5 (2 November) Tina Freyburg (ETH Zurich) Transnational Influences and Democratic Socialization in Authoritarian Contexts
Week 6 Reading Week (no seminars)
Week 7 (16 November) Garrett W. Brown (University of Sheffield) The Constitutionalization of What? Legal and Institutional Global Norms and What Cosmopolitans Should be Mindful of
Week 8 (23 November) Gabrielle Lynch (University of Warwick) Truth-Telling and Ethnic Politics in Contemporary Kenya
Week 9 (30 November) Huib Pellikaan (Leiden University) The Logic of Individual Action
Week 10 (7 December)
Start: 4.30pm
Steve Hewitt (University of Birmingham) 7/7 as Terrorism Innovation

Some seminars are made available as an MP3 below. Please right click on the link, chose the "Save Target As" option and select the location to save the seminar. Please do not re-distribute the seminar without prior consent from the seminar presenter.

Details of the PAIS Seminar Series for 2009-10, along with podcasts of presentations where available, are below

TERM 1, 2009


Wk 1, Thursday,




CRIPS Lecture




Simon Caney (Oxford)


'Justice and Climate Change: What is a Fair Distribution of Greenhouse Gas Emissions?'


Wk 2,






Nicola Pratt (PAIS)


'Women's Empowerment or US Empire-Building? The Case of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace & Security'


Wk 3,






Toni Erskine (Aberystwyth)


Toni's seminar is now available as an MP3.


'Kicking Bodies and Damning Souls: The Danger of 'Harming' Innocent Individuals While Punishing 'Delinquent' States'


Wk 4,






Chris Brown (LSE)


‘Bob Dylan, Live Aid 1985 and the Critique of Popular Cosmopolitanism'


Wk 5,






Stefan Wolff (Nottingham)


Stefan's seminar is now available as an MP3.


'Gaps Breached and Gaps Bridged: The Theory and Practice of Contemporary Ethnic Conflict Management'




Week 6 (11/11): No Seminar, Reading Week




Wk 7,






Justin Greaves (PAIS)


Justin's seminar is now available as an MP3.


Crossing the Interdisciplinary Divide: Political Science and Biological Science'


Wk 8,






Paul Langley (Northumbria)


'Power and Dissent in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis'


Wk 9






Louise Amoore (Durham)




‘Data Wars: New Spaces of Governing in the European War on Terror’


Wk 10,






Cees Van der Eijk (Nottingham)


'Meaning Components of Left and Right'




TERM 2, 2010




Wk 1,






Dan Bulley (Queens)


'The Territory of the Human in International Ethics'


Wk 2,






Andrew Oswald (Econ)


Andrew's seminar is now available as an MP3.


'An Introduction to Social Science Findings on Happiness'


Wk 3,






Andrew Walton (PAIS)


'Universal Preferential Trade: Promoting Market Justice Through the WTO'


Wk 4,






Dean Machin (Phil)


‘Liberal Statism, International Government Organizations, and the Scope of People's Duties of Justice'


Wk 5,






Paul Lewis (PAIS)


'Price Wars: The Politics of the Financial Crisis as a Battle Over Income Distribution'




Week 6, (17/2): No Seminar, Reading Week




Wk 7,






Shaun Breslin (PAIS)


‘Paradigm Shifting? The Chinese Model and the Global Economic Crisis’


Wk 8,






Duncan Bell (Cambridge)


'Dreamworlds of Empire: Anglobal Governance, race, and Utopia, 1880 and Beyond'


Wk 9,




Public Lecture


Cathie Jo Martin (Boston)


'Gonna Party like it's 1899: Electoral Systems and the Origins of Varieties of Capitalism'


Wk 10,






Henry Shue (Oxford)


'Climate Change and Human Rights'




Details of the PAIS Seminar Series for 2008-9, along with podcasts of presentations from Dr James Brasset and Dr Andre Broome, are below.












Wyn Grant (PAIS)



'Policy Failure: the Case of the Old Rogue Badger'







CRIPS Lecture



Geoffrey Underhill (Amsterdam)

'Markets, Institutions and Transaction Costs: the Endogeneity of Governance'







Graduate Lecture

Richard Jackson (Aberystwyth)




‘Critical Terrorism Studies’










Rita Floyd (PAIS) Ed Page (PAIS) Andrew Sentance (Warwick)




Political Responses to Climate Change: Security, Ethics, Economics










Muthiah Alagappa (East-West Center, Washington)




‘The Implications of Nuclear Weapons for Security and Stability in Asia’








James Brassett (PAIS)

Podcast Available Here


‘Discipline and Publish: A Foucauldian Analysis of the RAE’




5/11: No Seminar, Reading Week








Trevor McCrisken (PAIS) Mark Ledwidge (PAIS) Desmond King (Oxford)



The American Presidential Election: An Assessment









Mark Beeson (Birmingham)


‘The Coming of Environmental Authoritarianism in East Asia'






Tim Dunne (Exeter)



‘Democratic Wars: Britain, Iraq and Institutional Failure’









Colin Hay (Sheffield)



'On times, tides and heresthetics: Or, King Canute and the Problem of
Structure and Agency'












Dom Kelly (PAIS)



'A Preliminary Attack on Article XXI of the General Agreement on Tarrifs and Trade'








Andre Broome (Birmingham)


Podcast Available Here


'Global Monetary Norms and Renegade Regimes'








Karin Fierke (St Andrews)



'Agents of Death: The Structural Logic of Suicide Terrorism and Martyrdom'








Andrew Linklater (Aberystwyth)



'Global Civilizing Processes and the Ambiguities of Interconnectedness'










Inderjeet Parmar (Manchester)



'Foundation Networks and American Hegemony: Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations in America's Rise to Globalism'


11/2: No Seminar, Reading Week








Stuart Croft (PAIS) Michael Kenny (Sheffield) Tahir Abbas (Birmingham)



The Politics of British Identity










Kim Hutchings (LSE)



'Dream or Nightmare? Thinking the Future of World Politics'







Graduate Lecture



Len Seabrooke (PAIS)




'Everyday Politics and Quasi-Public Institutions in the International Financial Order'






Richard Aldrich (PAIS)



‘From Bletchley Park to Brave New World’