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Philippe Schmitter

Master Class with Professor Philippe Schmitter
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Wolfson Exchange (3), University of Warwick, Library
10.00- 10.30 – Light breakfast
10:30 – 12.00 – Teaching and Q&A Session


Professor Emeritus at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.
He was a member of its Department of Political and Social Sciences from 1996 to 2004,
after having spent ten years as a faculty member at Stanford University.

The Cycle of Social Science Research:
Qualitative and Quantitative Dimensions

Let us assume that you have an idea that has led you to identify a topic that you believe to be of sufficient importance and of feasible execution to conduct research on it. You will have to translate that idea – via a series of strategic choices – into a research project. It is this process of translation from something problematic or puzzling into something you could gather valid data on and make compelling inferences about that constitutes your research design. This Master Class will discuss the cycle of social science research and how to move from the topic to the conceptualization, hypothesis generation, case selection, variable operationalization, measurement of indicators, tests for association, causal inference and self-assessment. The Class will also discuss various fallacies which can occur at different stages of the research process, and lead to inconclusive or problematic analytical results. Professor Schmitter will also discuss the comparative method in light of how it can be best informed by quantitative methods and inform them during different stages of the research cycle.

Open to PAIS MA, Ph.D. Students, and post-docs on a first come first serve basis. There are 30 places available.

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