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Conference Programme Day 1


8:30-9:15: Coffee

9:15-9:30: Welcoming Remarks, Dr. Christopher Moran

9:30-11:00: Panel 1a: Intelligence Leaders in Pre-Modern Times, Room A

Chaired by Dr. Paul Maddrell

Col. Rose Mary Sheldon, ‘Spy Chiefs in Antiquity: The Case of Hannibal Barca

Dr Roberto Guerra, ‘Julius Caesar: strategies and espionage. Exploratores, speculatores, systems of transmission and warning

Dr. Ioanna Iordanou, ‘Leading by a Myth: The Inquisitors of the State in Early Modern Venice.’


9:30-11:00: Panel 1b: Spy Chiefs behind the Iron Curtain, Room B

Chaired by Professor Christopher Read

Dr. Iain Lauchlan, 'The First Chekist: Felix Dzerzhinsky as Spymaster'

Miss Svetlana Lokhova, ‘Stalin and his Intelligence Chiefs: Who Needs the Cheka anyway?’

Prof. Artur Gruszczak, ‘Marian Zacharski - The “Superspy” who Stole Patriots

11:00-11:15: Coffee

11:15-12:45: Panel 2a: The British Connection, Room A

Chaired by Miss Nikita Shah

Dr. Rory Cormac, ‘Putting the “C” into Covert Action: Stewart Menzies and the Development of Britain’s Covert Cold War'

Lt Cdr David Gioe, ‘"Doing Good by Stealth": Exploring the Life and Papers of SIS Officer Harold "Shergy" Shergold

Brian Stewart, CMG, 'Sir Dick White and Sir Maurice Oldfield: Personal Reflections'


11:15-12:45: Panel 2b: Intelligence Leaders, Empire and the Modern Age, Room B

Chaired by Dr. Andrew Hammond

Dr. Shane Kenna, ‘Britain’s Forgotten Victorian Spymaster: The Intelligence Career of Edward George Jenkinson

Dr. Siegfried Beer, ‘Maximillian Ronge: The Last Habsburg Military Intelligence Chief, 1917/18

Prof. Philip Murphy, 'The Accidental Intelligence Chief: Bob de Quehen and intelligence liaison in late-colonial Southern Africa'.

12:45-14:00: Lunch

14:00-15:30: Panel 3a: American Spy Chiefs, Room A

Chaired by Dr. Christopher Moran

Dr. Mark Stout, 'The "Other" CIA: John Grombach, Secrecy and American Post-War Intelligence'

Mr James Lockhart, ‘The Dulles Supremacy: Allen Dulles and the Rise of the Clandestine Service, 1948-53

Prof. Richard J. Aldrich, ‘The Intelligence Redneck: William Odom

Dr. Andrew Hammond, 'William J. Casey'


14:15:30: Panel 3b: Spy Chiefs Elsewhere I, Room B

Chaired by Professor Christopher Read

Dr. Declan O’Reilly, ‘Interrogating a Gestapo Intelligence Chief: British Security Interests and the Post-War Career of SS Sturmbhanfuehrer Horst Kopkow

Dr. Memli Krasniki, ‘The Political Involvement of Security Agencies in former SFR of Yugoslavia: Case of George Martinovic

Dr. Paul McGarr, 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Subversive: India's Spy Chiefs and the Politics of the Cold War'

15:30-15:45: Coffee

15:45-17:00: Keynote Lecture, Room A

Chaired by Nigel West

Prof. Christopher Andrew, ‘Spy Chiefs from the Venetian Republic to the Twenty-First Century

17:00-18:00: Drinks Reception